27 December 2015


Every day is a new adventure with Pippa! She's babbling, grabbing at fingers and toys, and is in constant motion. She has super long legs and kicks like crazy in her Momaroo and Bumbo seat- Mom thinks she's going to be a soccer star. Daddy wants her to play golf…

Pippa is definitely developing a strong personality. She expressed her displeasure at the formal Christmas photoshoot in the studio, and despite our best efforts, we still couldn't get  a single photo of Pippa smiling. We gave it a second try at home and fared just a little better getting Pippa to show us her gummy grin. Christmas cards went out a little late this year, but rest assured, you'll find a card from the DeSantis family in your mailbox soon! 

When the paparazzi isn't harassing Pippa, she's a smiley baby, who loves to chat, squeal and play. She is very coordinated now and grabs onto rattles, fabric blocks and soft toys on hanging mobiles. Pippa still loves her activity gym and has developed enough strength to sit and play in her rainforest jumparoo. We're excited to see her play with the light-up, musical toys that filled Santa's sack and read to her from some new additions to her library including Giada de Laurentis' cookbooks for kids and beautifully illustrated books we picked up while on vacation in Maine. 

Pippa's next visit to the pediatrician is in less than a week, and we can't wait to find out how much our little P has grown. We are guessing that she weighs about 13-14 lbs now! Her growth has been amazing over the past month— She's already fitting into her six months sized clothes! 

Highlights: A visit from the Moon family, getting our first Christmas tree as a family and rolling over on Dec. 15

Likes: Daniel Tiger, Christmas Tree Lights, Mirrors, Vulli Teething Rings, soft blocks

Favorite activities: Watching cartoons with Daddy and taking walks in the stroller with Mommy

Least favorite activities: Baths and tummy time

28 November 2015

Sweet P at Three Months

Favorite Activities: Playing in her activity gym and Stretching

Weight: at least 12.5 lbs

Likes: Eating, Pat-a-Cake, Princess Sophie Lamaze toy, Holding her hands together in a praying position, Blowing bubbles

Highlights: Pippa's First Thanksgiving; Roadtrip to spend time with her cousins;  a visit from the Moon Family

Pippa now sleeps from about 10:30 pm until 5:30 am, sometimes waking once in between for a feeding. She is a great eater and is growing by the day. We will go back to the pediatrician on December 28th and will find out how much weight she has gained since her last check-up at about 6 weeks old. She also has grown more dark hair. Looks like Pippa will be a brunette, even though Daddy was a towhead and Mommy had strawberry blond hair as a child. 

This month, Pippa has really "woken up"-- She's very alert and takes in all the details of her surroundings. She also has found her voice and can be very chatty, especially when watching Mommy and Daddy make funny faces and mirroring them. Bouncing on the exercise ball is still one of the best ways to soothe Pippa, and she's still not a big fan of getting her diaper or clothes changed. Watching Daniel Tiger on PBS or on the iPhone also does the trick to almost instantly calm her.

28 October 2015

Sweet P at Two Months

Sweet P at One Month

Favorite Activities: Stretching and Smiling

Weight: about 10 lbs!

Likes: Car rides, walks in the stroller and being bounced on the exercise ball

Highlights: Visiting Indian Ladder Farms, Decommissioning at the Lake George Club, Weekend in Kennebunkport, Maine

Pippa is one strong little girl! She can hold her head up on her own and loves to kick and grasp at objects. She has a specific cry for when she's tired, hungry and needs a diaper change. Her smiles, giggles and coos melt our hearts! We're hoping that her sleep schedule improves this month- 3 hour stretches are the longest she will ever sleep at night. 

28 September 2015

Sweet P at One Month

Favorite Activities: Eating, sleeping

Likes: Looking at lights, baths, Pandora lullaby station

Dislikes: Tummy time, diaper changes

Hair: Dark, lots in the back only

Eyes: Blue

Sleep: 1 1/2 to 2 hours at a time

Eat: Breast milk 3-4 oz., 8-10 times a day

Noises: Squeaks ("Pip-squeak"), grunts

Disposition: Pippa loves to be held and is wonderful meeting friends and family. She's a great snuggler and loves sleeping on Daddy's chest. She cries after feeding at night, mostly between 7 pm and 2 am. We quickly forget all about the effort required to get her to rest because her snoring is so cute when she finally falls asleep!

14 July 2015

On hiatus

The time has come to make it official. My blog posting frequency has dwindled, and there are lots of other things consuming my time and energy these days. Like last summer, workouts are now in the early morning hours, and my time in the evening after work is limited by a long list of things to do before baby girl arrives. I'm zapped of creativity, and weekend activities have been less than inspiring. So a blogging break is long overdue! Be back soon...

03 July 2015

Five for Friday

Here's what's caught my attention lately...

Just love them. They were the main flower in our wedding bouquet and always bring a smile to my face. We saw some GORGEOUS peony bushes at the Mohonk House a couple of weeks ago, and since then, I've been trying to figure out a time to get over to the gardening store and get some to plant in our backyard. 

Recovery from Life Exhaustion
Four practical suggestions that I need to do. Soon. 2 & 3 go together and would be tops on my list of priorities...if I could find the time! Life exhaustion happens for real. Especially when you're already suffering from insomnia. Crossing my fingers for good sleep this weekend.

Watermelon Caprese with Balsamic Glaze
I have been loving fresh watermelon this summer! This salad from Skinnytaste looks so festive and healthy for the 4th!

No really. Need. This bag is from Need Supply Co. Definitely coveting it as the perfect bucket bag.

After wearing ONLY Saucony running sneakers for the past eight years or so, I bought my first pair of Brooks. I was so disappointed in the fit and stiff sole of the new Saucony Rides and the quality of the sole of the Kivaras that I decided, why not give Brooks a try? I ordered the Brooks Launch 2 and the ever popular Ghosts from Zappos and much preferred the Launch. They're lightweight, have great cushioning and support, and come in some snazzy colors (although it looks like the ones I purchased in Kaleidoscope aqua are now out of stock). 

Happy 4th of July! 

25 June 2015

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been struggling find the motivation and time to blog. There's been lots going on 'round here. We have something to do after work nearly every night, and quite honestly, I've been feeling anxious and overwhelmed. I don't know if it's having to slow down and accept limitations in the third trimester or what. When I was growing up, my dad used to tell me after a particularly disappointing game or rough day at school "You win some, you lose some." Lately, I've been losing more than winning!

Speaking of dads, we celebrated not only Big T on Sunday (yep, little behind in my posting!) but also the Sailor. He got a new t-shirt...

19 June 2015

Summer Salads

In the past couple of months, I've gotten away from my love for salads. But now that summer is here, and I'm craving something light and fresh, I've enjoyed a few really delicious combos recently. I'm always looking for inspiration to mix things up...

Greenhouse Chopped with mixed greens, chicken breast, green apple, blue cheese, sunflower seeds and mandarin oranges with an apple vinaigrette.

12 June 2015

Baby Love: 28 Weeks

Good morning and Happy Friday, Friends! I haven't done too many posts exclusively about Baby D or pregnancy, but I'm going to start doing more now that I'm in the third trimester. I love reading other bloggers' weekly pregnancy updates and can usually find something to relate to, but I've chosen to document the experience differently than most expectant moms.

06 June 2015


The Sailor and I are heading to the Mohonk Mountain House today to celebrate our five year anniversary.

29 May 2015

Five Things Friday: Shopping, Eating, Decorating and Babying Up

Happy Friday, Friends! Here's what's been happening over in my part of the world...

Lots of shopping, eating, decorating and babying up!

Nordstrom Street Level Reversible Vegan Leather Tote & Wristlet
After reading reviews about this tote, I decided to see what all the hype was about. I can't figure out why I waited so long to get it. At $48.00, it is a STEAL! It doesn't have any inside pockets, nor is it the bucket bag style I've been eyeing, but it's great quality for the price. I'm always carrying tons of stuff around, so I can never have too many totes! And it comes with a perfect sized wristlet to hold all the necessities that you need to grab quickly. I got the pink/taupe and am in love!

23 May 2015

Weekend happenings and Running During Pregnancy

Happy long weekend, friends! I hope that there's something fun on your calendar.

We're going to do a little gardening-- planting just a few things in pots in our backyard. Long gone are days of big gardens at the lake, because we just don't spend enough time there any more to give it the love and attention it deserves. And, while we love seeing all the deer and rabbits constantly at our house, they love the veggies we grow just as much as we do. So we're resorting to doing potted tomatoes, lettuce and herbs (and a few other things if I can convince the Sailor).

16 May 2015

Saturday Six: Books, Babies, Food and More

Good morning! Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I've been sick with a cold, not sleeping well and utterly exhausted. But Saturday mornings can be some of my most productive times of the week, so here I am catching you up! One of my favorite bloggers, Emily A. Clark, does a Saturday 6 series, and in that spirit, I present to you...

(1) Carry On Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life- Despite being under the weather, I managed to get a bunch of things done this week (except blogging!) For months, I've wanted to share a book that inspires me. I finally got around to ordering several copies for girlfriends, and granted it was a little later than I hoped, I wrapped up and mailed a bunch of books this week. I could say so much about this book- it truly deserves its own post. Glennon Melton Doyle, the author, tells stories that tug at your heart strings and encourages readers to live and work with courage, boldness, and purpose.

11 May 2015

Rodan and Fields Five Minute Mini-Facial Review

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent a Rodan + Fields five minute mini-facial to try. Big thanks to Elicia for sending me the goodies! I wanted to have a relaxing, pampering night-- have a little facial and unwind with a magazine and cup of tea. Didn't happen, but it was still fun to try out new products that left my skin feeling soft and hydrated!

The mini facial kit comes with a one- time use microderm abrasion paste, night renewing serum and lip serum.

But before I get carried away with the products, what about the company? Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the makers of the wildly successful Proactiv, have branched out into an anti-aging skincare line.

01 May 2015

Fitness Friday: Tricep Bicep Workout

Another edition of Fitness Friday! Feels like last week I hit a sweet spot with pregnancy and finally enjoyed a burst of energy. I even managed to stay awake until 10:00-11:00 p.m.!
Anyway, given that I have a little more energy, I'm really trying to incorporate some strength training in my workouts. Since the Sailor's family tends to have big babies (yikes!), I'll need some big arm muscles!

27 April 2015

(Mostly) Natural Beauty Product Finds

Pregnancy has made me really pay a lot more attention to the ingredients in all of the beauty products I use daily. As I've run out of a product, I'll try to replace it with a brand that's free of parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals. Bonus if the replacement is not tested on animals and organic. I'm not going crazy making sure that everything is all natural, but I am a much more conscious shopper knowing that anything toxic I'm slathering all over my face and body can potentially get to the baby. 

So what will you find in my bathroom cabinets these days?

22 April 2015

Weekend Recap and Book Wish List

Good morning, and happy hump day! I had planned to post a review of the all natural beauty products I've been using and loving lately in honor of Earth Day, but that's going to have to wait until later in the week. Instead, I'm catching you up on scenes from the weekend and leaving you with a decor and entertaining booklist/wishlist.

The weekend weather was glorious! It seriously makes me feel like a different person when it's warm and sunny outside. I got my much needed Vitamin D infusion as I finally found my groove again and did two five mile runs.

17 April 2015

Fitness Friday: Polar FT7 and Fitness Fashion

About six weeks ago, I finally got a heart rate monitor. The Sailor has owned one for years, but I never really wanted/needed one.  I thought it would be a good investment now though since it's important to me to maintain an active fitness routine while pregnant yet at the same time not overexert myself.

Although the guidelines stating that a woman's heart rate shouldn't exceed 140 bpm while exercising during pregnancy are outdated, as confirmed here, here, here and by my doctor, I wanted to have some idea of the range I'm in when running, using the arc trainer at the gym and doing circuits.

16 April 2015

Global Fashion Inspiration

Every year from the time I was a child, my parents and I went on an annual family vacation to Mexico. My parents continue the tradition to this day, but now they're fortunate enough to spend five or six weeks there every year. And me? I haven't been back in two years, but my heart aches for it some days-- especially during this past long cold winter!

07 April 2015

Weekend Highlights and A To-Die-For Scone Recipe

Spring is finally here, and I was super excited to enjoy some beautiful weather this weekend! Here's the recap...On Friday afternoon, I enjoyed my first long run outside in the s u n s h i n e! Whoohoo! I'm slow as molasses these days, but it felt great to be outside moving!

06 April 2015

04 April 2015

Saratoga Stay-cation

A couple of months ago,  the Sailor and I stayed overnight in Saratoga at the Batcheller Mansion Inn, a beautiful old Victorian B&B in the heart of town. Saratoga is only about a half hour from where we live, but it was a fun change of pace to break up the monotony of snowy winter weekends. Built in 1873, the mansion has Victorian, French Renaissance, Italian and Egyptian influence... and a storied history.

03 April 2015

Big News

I can hardly contain my excitement anymore and am thrilled to announce...

27 March 2015

Fitness Friday: Jawbone Up 24 Review

Friday is my favorite day at the gym. There are fewer people there than other days, and I feel like I have all the time in the world to complete my workout. It's true that my energy is totally zapped by the time I roll into the parking lot after a long work week, but I always, always leave feeling 110% better on Friday for some reason.

So true! 

25 March 2015

Paper Crush

I cannot get enough of wallpaper! You might remember I first wrote about it here and finally incorporated Cole and Sons Woods in our kitchen by framing a few pieces....

And I wrote about how the obsession lives on in a more recent design post a couple of months ago.  One of these days, I'm just going to take the plunge and slap some up on my walls. Well, not really "slap" it up because I know that there's an art to hanging it. But...I stumbled across Hygge and West's new removable wallpaper tiles and thought "easy-peasy." That could be the solution to the Sailor's reluctance to hang wallpaper and my obsession with it of late.

18 March 2015

Baked Apple Goodness

My duties in the kitchen are diminishing as time goes on. I shouldn't say "duties" because baking is something I used to really enjoy. But lately, the Sailor has been doing all the cooking and the baking. I'm not complaining though! He's far more talented than me and enjoys it. He started out with delicious breads like this Dutch Oven Bread, which he insists is so simple that even I could make it. And he's moved on to chocolate chip cookies (THE best I've ever tasted!), muffins, tarts and more.

This past weekend, I came home from the gym to this breakfast-- An Apple Dutch Baby with maple syrup and fresh strawberries (Good thing I went to the gym earlier!)

It came out of the oven super fluffy like fried dough, and I was expecting it to taste like a giant pancake. It was more of an egg dish though, which suited me perfectly!

17 March 2015

Going Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Given my heritage and love for all things Irish, this used to be a big day in my world. Today the extent of the celebration will be wearing some green and maybe, just maybe, indulging in a Shamrock Shake that I've desperately wanted for a couple of weeks now. I'm probably better off skipping all the sugar and "bad stuff" (anyone read the HuffPo article- yikes?) in favor of making my own at home. 

13 March 2015

Catching Up...

I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I popped in here. Time is flying! We spent last weekend at the lake in the first time in forever...or since before Christmas. After a quick breakfast with my parents on Saturday morning (The Sailor made this ham and asparagus strata--minus the asparagus), we headed north and spent nearly every minute catching up with friends and family. And we finally made it outdoors for a winter walk through the Narrows with friends. It was so nice to be outside getting some exercise without it being unbearably cold.

It's almooooosssst spring. Time for a resolution. More daylight, more energy and more regular posts coming soon! Here's some pretty stuff for your Friday!

27 February 2015

Five for Friday: Decor, Food and Fashion

Did you ever return from a vacation feeling more in need of a vacation than ever before??? Between logistical issues with travel and having one eye on things back on the home front, I just didn't get the ideal down time to mentally check-out and recharge. It was super fabulous to be somewhere that the sun was shining and I didn't have to layer up like this...

The first day back from vacation, I tripled layered Patagonia fleece and down. This weather back home has been unbearable! Please come soon spring!

11 February 2015

Beach Bound

Just over a month ago, I finally convinced the Sailor that we need a tropical escape. When I was younger, my mom used to repeatedly remind me of the difference between "needs" and "wants." This tropical escape, my friends, is a NEED.

Like everyone else, I am SO over the snow, ice and cold weather. Yes, we do live in the Northeast, so it's to be expected. And it is very pretty the first few times it snows-- I get excited like a little kid all over again. But this. is. too. much. I would relocate to Texas or the Carolinas in a heartbeat if my love would agree to it. Anyway, just about a month ago, we booked a last minute getaway to the BVI's and departure day is nearly here! I couldn't be more excited!

Wednesday Wish List: Bucket Bag

Michael Kors large Miranda bag

Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag

Steve Madden BGemma Bucket Bag
Love this citron color for the spring!

04 February 2015

Wednesday Wish List: Boden Alice Heels

Loving these Alice high heels from Boden. They also come in black/pewter-- more practical but not nearly as much fun!

31 January 2015

Interior Design Inspiration

You guys... Periodically I make myself the promise that I'm going to blog on a regular and consistent basis. And it just doesn't happen. I envy the bloggers that have the time and discipline to do it every day! Anyway, it's not for lack of inspiration (most days at least!) I've been pinning and crafting and  cooking, making my own adaptations of ideas from around the blogosphere and Pinterest. And let's talk design--There's so much "pretty stuff" out there in the design world that I've wanted to share, so now is the time!

I think I could find the time to blog if my "office" looked like this!
via Pink Peonies

27 January 2015

Loving Lately: Tea, Theory and Fabletics

Happy Tuesday! So much for #blizzardof2015. Hmph! I was expecting to wake up to a foot of the white fluffy stuff here in upstate NY. And...nothing! We barely got a dusting. The kid in me is completely disappointed!