29 May 2015

Five Things Friday: Shopping, Eating, Decorating and Babying Up

Happy Friday, Friends! Here's what's been happening over in my part of the world...

Lots of shopping, eating, decorating and babying up!

Nordstrom Street Level Reversible Vegan Leather Tote & Wristlet
After reading reviews about this tote, I decided to see what all the hype was about. I can't figure out why I waited so long to get it. At $48.00, it is a STEAL! It doesn't have any inside pockets, nor is it the bucket bag style I've been eyeing, but it's great quality for the price. I'm always carrying tons of stuff around, so I can never have too many totes! And it comes with a perfect sized wristlet to hold all the necessities that you need to grab quickly. I got the pink/taupe and am in love!

Other than a few t-shirts with rouching, I haven't bought many maternity clothes. Or in all honesty, I've bought a TON of new maternity clothes, almost all of which I've returned. Last weekend, I went out on a quest for some cute summery things, and after more than an hour of dressing room despair, I ended up with this impulse buy from Destination Maternity. I just couldn't leave the store empty handed, but now I'm not such a big fan...Thoughts? 

If there's one weakness I've had during pregnancy, it's ice cream. Not just any ice cream though. Soft ice cream. I always love soft ice cream during the summer, but I really try to limit it to the occasional special sweet treat. Not this summer (er...spring!) though. The Sailor and I have a seasonal burger shack/ice cream window just down the road, and we've gone there once a week for the past month or so. 

Last night, we mixed things up though, and the Sailor brought home a pint of Talenti Mediterranean Mint gelato.  Sooooo good! With flavors like Salted Caramel, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, German Chocolate Cake and Hazelnut Chocolate, I may have to start substituting it in the weekly soft ice cream rotation! 

Our master bedroom was painted this week. Twice. The first time, the color came out Caribbean blue. Like a deep, beautiful aqua. I could have lived with it, but the Sailor thought it was way too bright. And he was probably right. It definitely wouldn't have matched the new bedroom furniture that we ordered, so we had it re-painted...Much better this time. It's a serene jade that we both prefer. 

We went old-school picking the color using paint chips, but I found that Sherwin Williams has an awesome interactive website that lets you explore colors, see other homeowners' projects, and really visualize what your room will look like before getting the color on the wall. We're having the exterior of the house and doors painted in the coming weeks, and the Sailor and I will definitely be using this tool to confirm that the colors we've selected are going to look the way we imagine. 

Baby D 26-week UltraSound
We're going to BabyBumps this weekend for an elective ultrasound this weekend. This time, we're bringing my parents, Grandma and Pop-Pop, to see their first grandchild for the first time! 

I was spoiled in the beginning of the pregnancy getting to see our little girl grow each week from a dot on the screen to a pulsating dot (heartbeat!) to a little jelly bean with limbs. Then from week 8 through week 18, we had to wait patiently to see her again. My regular ob/gyn's office won't do another ultrasound until full-term, but we just can't wait to see her again She's kicking and wiggling ALL of the time!  

week 18

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