17 September 2014

Five Things

Some bloggers are big on the Five Things Friday posts, but I'm breaking the pattern. So here are five things happening in my world this Wednesday.

Every autumn, I rediscover how much I love tea...Irish breakfast tea with a spot of sugar and milk brings me back to memories of living in Galway...And herbal tea that seems to soothe...well ... everything.


10 September 2014

Little and Big...

These are old news for all you mommies out there, but I just stumbled upon Freshly Picked mocs while scrolling through Instagram. (They've also been featured in People, Parenting and In Touch.) They're just adorable! If only the little ones in my life were just a wee bit smaller, I'd be buying them in an instant!

09 September 2014

SUP and Summer Wrap Up

It really was like a switch flipped on Labor Day! Seems that the seasons have changed from summer to fall in just one week! Here's the weekend/week recap complete with links to a couple of recipes...

On Labor Day weekend, the Sailor and I managed to play tennis twice (yay for finally getting out on the courts) AND, at long last, I crossed off stand-up-paddle board from my Summer Bucket list. I wanted to try it when I was in St. John, but none of the beaches I visited had boards for rent. Then the Sailor and I attempted it two other times- weather/wind and work interfered. I was just starting to think that it wasn't meant to be when we got out on the lake on a picture perfect, calm day.
Jillian "Shark Girl" Morris

03 September 2014

Charm City Travels

Happy September! I'm back after a short work trip to Baltimore and DC, followed by a long holiday weekend at the lake. I was thrilled to be able to visit some new spots in Baltimore and some of my old favorites in Georgetown last week--The weather was hot, hot, hot, and I enjoyed some good shopping and good eats. What more can a girl want?

Quite possibly the best car ever. Spotted near Fell's Point on the Baltimore waterfront.