27 January 2016


We can hardly believe that Sweet P is already five months old! It seems like just yesterday that we were eagerly anticipating her arrival and wondering what life would be like with a little one. Pippa's growth this month was remarkable on every front! 


She weighed 12.4 lbs when we last went to the pediatrician on December 28, and we are guessing she weighs at least another pound or two now. She fills out her 6 months clothes with a cute, little buddha belly and and has very long legs (not Mommy's genes!) We often find ourselves laughing at her short pants when dressing her for daycare in the morning. 


Ah, yes. Daycare at the KidzLodge. Another milestone. Mommy went back to work on January 4, and Pippa spent two weeks being spoiled by Grammie and Pop Pop before starting at daycare. She's adjusting well and even seems to enjoy the variety of activities. Tummy time is no longer her least favorite activity because she gets to sit in a circle facing her new little friends. Each day, the curriculum includes learning a nursery rhyme, exploring a sensory game, making an art project, reading and learning about an animal all relating to the theme of the week. 


At home, Pippa is actively interested and engaged in her surroundings. She turns her head to follow Mommy and Daddy's movements while her eyes light up, and she babbles away. She has mastered the razzzzzberry, blowing bubbles, and squealing. One of her favorite "games" is one-two-three-up, where she goes from lying down to sitting to standing with assistance. By "two" she's already leaning forward, anxious to push up on her legs. 

Highlights: Christmas Eve with Grammie and Pop Pop and Gramps and Stormy, New Year's Eve with her cousins, Roxy, Georgie and Felix


Sleepytime: Bed time is usually around 7:30 PM, and Pippa sleeps until 6:30/7:00 AM, usually waking up once for a bottle. We feel very lucky that she's a great sleeper! (Not a great napper though)

Food: 5 oz of breast milk six or seven times per day Height and Weight: Fits in 6 months clothes, weighs in the 13-14 lbs range. 

Likes: Airplane, One-two-three-UP!, playing w
ith Violet made by Leap Frog, Rainforest Jumparoo and Activity Gym

Dislikes: There's less crying at bath time, but Pippa is still not a fan. Getting in and out of the car seat remains a struggle too. 

Looking forward to: A roadtrip to DC in mid-February