18 February 2011

Doggone Good

The Sailor and I spent some time watching the Westminster Dog Show earlier this week. He's a dog person. I'm a cat person ...who could be a dog person, with a little commitment to being responsible for another being.

17 February 2011

Four Eyes

In recent years, glasses have become very in vogue -- worn more as a fashion accessory than as a necessity.

15 February 2011

What a Man

I was especially excited for Valentine's Day to roll around this year, since it was our first one as a married couple. And the Sailor did not disappoint!

I should preface this though by saying that he truly does spoil me every day, by doing the every day things that women usually complain that their husbands don't do- he grocery shops and cooks. He throws his socks in the laundry basket, not on the floor. He takes out the trash and does other "boy chores" around the house. Most importantly, however, he makes me laugh, dries my tears and does thoughtful little things every day to make life easier for me.

But for Valentine's Day, he really outdid himself (i.e. set the bar pre-tty high for next year). Our celebration started with a very fancy home cooked meal of canard a l'orange on Saturday night .

And steak and shrimp, with Moonstruck chocolates for dessert last night.

Pink champagne truffle.

Chocolates... red roses and stargazer lillies... and the most beautiful card. As all women (and some smart men) know, the card is critical.

On top of the usual Valentine's Day presents, I also got these...

Now, does he know my taste or what??? Aren't they fabulous!

04 February 2011

Weekend Plans

                              courtesy of The Pink Tutu

Well, I think I will... do all of the above!

And my Me Time this weekend will likely include buying some new "trash-hound" magazines, starting an arts and crafts project I'll never finish, watching RHWBH reruns and having wine and cheese for dinner on Saturday night. Big plans after my perfect sushi date with the Sailor tonight!

01 February 2011

Weekend Getaway: CIA Part II

So many choices! There are four restaurants at the CIA- American Bounty, L'Escoffier, Caterina d'Medici, and St. Andrews Cafe. We finally decided to make reservations at American Bounty after much deliberation. A word to the wise- if you're planning to go, be sure to get online and make reservations early. The Saturday night seatings fill up fast, and we had to wait several weeks before we could go.