23 May 2011


Phew, the doomsday prediction that the world would end on May 21 was proved wrong. No Judgment Day after all.

The nasty weather -- tornadoes in the plains to floods in the south to the never-ending rain in the northeast-- suggests that the Doomsday Prophet might not have gotten it all wrong though.

Our biggest fear surrounding the alleged End of Days was that our garden would be washed away. Fortunately, God must have been smiling upon us this week. Everything we planted last week survived.

It doesn't appear that anything grew much, but even one of the little bean plants I was sure wouldn't make it, withstood the near-constant downpour to be rewarded with a generous dousing of Miracle-Gro.

Row 1: Big Boy Tomatoes, Parsley, Chives
Row 2: Portugal Hot Peppers, Basil, Rosemary, Curly Parsley
Row 3: Lettuce, Beans, Mint, Dill

Three things I am loving these days:

Sherbet with Sundaes Best raspberry chocolate sauce, made locally in Saratoga

Crystal Light Margarita Drink Mix. Not as tasty as the typical margarita mix, but at 5 calories per serving, rather than the 500 in a regular margarita, the CL makes me feel a lot less guilty. Fiesta!!!

Throwback to the '80's! The return of the espadrille. Soludos are my brand of choice- so comfy and great customer service!

20 May 2011

Sweet Sounds

"Things are worked through and plans are made during the spring that we thought was lost and gone.  But lest we forget that water is the most important element for making things grow.  Shut the umbrella, stand in the rain.  What it washes away leaves you cleaner than new… and just maybe, somewhere closer to what it sounds like in heaven."  Notes from the Field

I awoke  in the middle of the night to my very own heavenly symphony: the pelting of the rain on the patio, the measured breathing of the Sailor's restful sleep, and the wheezy purring of the Murph curled up at my feet.

A blissful beginning to Friday!

17 May 2011

Hit Snooze

Today is one of those rainy days when you just want to stay curled up in bed with a cup of hot tea and a good book. I can picture myself in any one of these sanctuaries...

Neutral colored leather headboard and frame from Crate and Barrel. Could be bo-ring, but the furnishings and curtains in melon provide fun pops of color .

This room is perfection - so much attention to detail from the molding to the chandelier and bedside tables.  I would never have guessed that the pale blue head and footboards would work so well with a slightly lighter shade on the walls. 

Built in bookshelves to house my library. Loving the texture of the side table-- It looks big enough to fit all of my night time needs too-- glasses, lamp, two photos of the Sailor, a glass of water and coaster, Guatemalan worry doll, scented candle and my blackberry. Oh, and I don't like it to look too cluttered either.

The bright white comforter and paneling make this room feel so fresh, while the hot pink silk pillows and flowers suggest a little romance.  It works!

Here's my fave. It reminds me of a tree house or attic hideaway. Plus, who doesn't want to nap under the stars?

10 May 2011

Reap What You Sow

I'm so excited to be planting my first vegetable garden this summer! There are so many benefits to gardening to help the mind, body and planet. Gardening is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air, and it reduces your carbon footprint.

recent article, Rodale, publishers of Women's Health, Runners World and Prevention, suggests that, in addition to the physical exercise and satisfaction of seeing your plants bloom, gardening also can help lower risks of osteoperosis and diabetes, and it can help improve sleep. Studies show that people with dimensia and anxiety benefit from the calming effects of gardening, and in turn, have improved quality of sleep.

This past weekend, the Sailor and I worked on weeding two years of overgrowth in the beds and putting down topsoil.

We haven't made a final decision on what plants we're going to grow. We'll definitely try a couple different kinds of tomatoes. There's nothing like fresh caprese salad in the summer!

And I'm sure the garden grown tomatoes will put Mom and Dad's topsy turvy planter to shame! 

We're also thinking of planting basil, cucumbers, squash and sweet potatoes. It's well past the time to consult the Farmers Almanac about planting and growing seasons, but hopefully we're still in the zone. This year, we'll have a guess at the right time to plant -- probably Memorial Day weekend, based on convenience. Next year, we'll be experts and consider soil temperature, altitude and slope of land, nearby waters, and day length, as the Almanac advises.

Cross your fingers that Mother Nature cooperates and the animals stay away so that we can reap the rewards of our little project.

03 May 2011

Love and Marriage

Friday's royal wedding festivities were just magical! For a few brief hours, the world suspended all cynicism about romance to celebrate the true fairy tale love story of William and Kate.