30 December 2011

Date Night- Saratoga Style

Wednesday has traditionally been Date Night for us. In the summer, there's never a shortage of fun activities for us-- we play tennis, get ice cream, go for a walk, go to the pool, etc. etc. -- all that stuff people who live in warm climates get to enjoy year round. The winter proves to be a little different. It's dark early. The weather is usually more frightful than delightful (think windy, icy, fuh-reezing cold), so from November to May, we tend to find ourselves settling in on the couch with sushi for a night of watching Modern Family and American Idol. Not this Wednesday though!

28 December 2011

Imagine that...

I finally did it. I signed up for Pinterest. My reluctance to do it to date is that I KNOW it's going to be the biggest time suck of social networking sites yet. But, just for today, I'm going to enjoy the beautiful and inspiring images I found...

"Pinterest: Where woman go to plan imaginary weddings, dress children that don' t exist, and decorate homes we can't afford."

23 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

It was not a very Merry Christmas trying to get Murphy to wear the jingle bell collar and Santa hat I bought. He finally gave up on the fight (See exhaustion/ Jabba the Hutt pose above).

But I managed to get one nice pic, where he's working it for the camera.

Next year, the plan is to wrestle him into one of those holiday doggie sweaters. Size large, of course.

Best wishes to you and your family for a very Merry Christmas!

21 December 2011

There's no place like home for the holidays...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We celebrated with my parents last night. So far- Best. Christmas. Ever. 

20 December 2011

Fancy-Schmancy Olivia Polermo Style

Fact: Olivia Polermo's has the best sense of style (as I once gushed before). In the spirit of the season, here are a few party princess looks that I'm loving... The girl certainly can wear sequins, fur, feathers, and
metallics. As a frequent name on the socialite soiree guest list, Olivia always has just the frock to wear on the perfect occasion. 

Kindness of olviastyle.tumblr.com for the fashion pics.

15 December 2011

The Joy of Christmas

We were fortunate to be in DC in time to attend the Joy of Christmas concert at the Washington National Cathedral. Last year, our support of the arts during the holiday season started and ended (at intermission) with the Berkshire Ballet performing the Nutcracker at the Egg... in the cultural mecca that is Albany.

Yes, indeed. It's an artistic atrocity called "visually distinctive" and "without precedent" by some. The building is in fact functional, but the ballet left something to be desired.

This year, however, the concert in the cathedral was a festive welcome to the Christmas season. The Cathedral, as you'll see below, is spectacularly beautiful and the Cathedral Choir provides an incredible performance.

Photo courtesy of The Sailor

And, making it even more special,  it was the first time that the Cathedral Choir performed back in the church since the 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit in August.
The choir was so impressive -  particularly because neither the Sailor nor I have any musical talent. I wanted to sing along, and I could barely contain myself during Joy to the World (my favorite Christmas carol), but I spared those around me from the agony-- especially since I was getting over a terrible cold.

It as really heartwarming to see people who were passionate about singing and performing for an audience. And the audience certainly enjoyed it!

12 December 2011

Weekend Escape: Eat, Shop, Repeat

This past weekend, the Sailor and I went back to my old stomping ground in Washington, DC. And--here's the confession right up front-- we did nothing cultural. We've been to all of the monuments and the other touristy stuff, so we spent the weekend doing our (or rather my) very favorite things, shopping and eating- Can't beat that!

08 December 2011

Make a Splash

So me! I love anything orange and anything animal print, so I just about squealed with delight when I saw the Captain Morgan clutch by Tipsy Skipper. Thanks to Roxy from A Cup of Te for featuring such a great find!

Captain Morgan That's a Croc clutch in flambe, $70

And any ensemble needs matching shoes, of course.

Flats, $120

If orange ain't your thang, check out the similar Slo Gin Fizz skimmers in a fun pink pattern.

And, for those that are always looking for the bargain...the skimmers are on sale in some patterns. 

Fleur de Sea and Tippler Skimmers, $90

Super cute! 

07 December 2011

Ryan Korban- Luxury Minimalism

My latest obsession are the rooms designed by Ryan Korban. He's been described as one of the most meticulous self-made stylists today, despite having no formal training. 

I love it all-- The textures, colors, contemporary with vintage, minimalism with clutter (I think that must be a phrase used in the design world, right?). 

via lonny

06 December 2011

Dear Santa...

I've been very good this year. Will any of these fit in your sack?

Sedgewick Bar Cart

A bar cart to be used as intended or here's an even better idea...

Look at those fancy glitter throw pillows. Well, they're not as nice as these faux mink throw pillows that top my list....

Restoration Hardware Faux Mink Pillows

I'm always appreciative of a pretty dress, and this one is in my faaaavorite color too. 

Monique Lhullier One Shoulder Trumpet Gown

I'm always running just a few minutes past fashionably late, but I bet one of these classic timepieces could keep me on schedule...

Rolex Datejust
Or, this one would do too. Maybe someday it will be on sale?

Cartier Tank Solo

In reality, I'd be pretty happy with the JCrew perfect shirt in white (which is out of stock until February) and some new jammies too. Simple.


30 November 2011

Happy Birthday, Sam Clemens

I was thrilled to open up Google today to see their clever panoramic pic of Tom Sawyer whitewashing a fence. Click. It's Mark Twain's 176th birthday. I don't need to say anything more- I'm sure you'll agree that he's one of America's all-time greatest authors. His wit not only entertained readers but it also attracted the likes of those who would be celebrities in our day and age-- Helen Keller and Booker T. Washington. 

24 November 2011

Counting My Blessings

I am thankful for my husband, who brings me joy and makes life worthwhile.

20 November 2011

Lizzie Carney: French Chateau Style

J'Adore! From being featured on the Nate Berkus show to the pages of Country Living magazine, Lizzie Carney's 1930s bungalow seems to be making the rounds in the design world. Her 1,000 square foot home is tiny but soooo well done--- who needs more space anyway???

Tiny indeed. But she had enough space to create a to-die-for dressing room- the tufted ottoman, the chandelier, the heavy gold frames- all so romantic!

How creative is it to use an otherwise icky basement for a wine cellar? Lizzie lined the walls with old wine crates, salvaged a couple of gorgeous old chairs and made this space an unbelievable place to entertain.

A peacock on the top of the fridge inspired the colors in this little kitchen. The turquoise and hot pink just pop!  

In her living room, Lizzie combines contemporary furnishings, like the couch and table lamp, with antiques of different textures and shades of brown. The chocolate velvet armchair with the reclaimed wood table somehow just works.

The serene palate of grays and soft pink make this bedroom a perfect spot to relax...and every room seems to have an amazing chandelier!

So, where does she get all of the unique furniture and the gorgeous lighting fixtures? Lizzie is lucky enough to be a designer for Euro Trash, a "wholesale distributor of vintage and antique items imported from France, Holland and Belgium." Even if I had the ambition, style and l'argent to redecorate, I guess a few trips to Home Goods still wouldn't even come close to getting me the Lizzy Carney- look.

Be sure to check out the Euro Trash gallery - The little stone cottage is Restoration Hardware meets Ralph Lauren Home. So beautiful!

11 November 2011

Honoring Those Who Serve

"Courage is almost a contradiction in terms.
It means a strong desire to live taking the form of readiness to die."
-G.K. Chesterton

04 November 2011

Happy Friday!

Kate Spade 2012 Spring Collection
Tim Melideo Photography

02 November 2011

Pop and Bling!

Loving the purple tights! And the statement necklace!

30 October 2011

Lullaby and Good Night

Let's be honest- Some days I can barely take care of myself. On a good day, I can almost take care of myself AND remember to feed the cat. So, it's definitely going to be awhile (like five years) before we start thinking seriously about parenthood.

Right now though, it's okay to entertain thoughts of the serene sleeping Baby in a totally put-together sanctuary. Idealistic, I know!  

Carousel Designs Bedding

No question that it's a girl! So feminine. Very shabby chic.

Love the combination of grey and yellow. Check out the birds on the ceiling!  

Bit more modern, bright and airy.

Segreto Finishes

Just enough purple in this transition from a nursery to a little girl's room.

Carousel Designs
Shabby chic and pink Chinese lanterns revisited.

Another variation on the grey/black/ yellow theme. Not so fond of the black chandelier though.

Carousel Designs
Yup, more pink and green!

23 October 2011

Three things I am loving

Yankee Candle Lakeside Birch Candles-  I'm not a big fan of floral (lilac, gardenia, rose) or food scented (buttercream, apple pie, hazelnut) candles, so I think that's why I loooove  this sweet, woodsy, musky scented candle for fall.