15 December 2011

The Joy of Christmas

We were fortunate to be in DC in time to attend the Joy of Christmas concert at the Washington National Cathedral. Last year, our support of the arts during the holiday season started and ended (at intermission) with the Berkshire Ballet performing the Nutcracker at the Egg... in the cultural mecca that is Albany.

Yes, indeed. It's an artistic atrocity called "visually distinctive" and "without precedent" by some. The building is in fact functional, but the ballet left something to be desired.

This year, however, the concert in the cathedral was a festive welcome to the Christmas season. The Cathedral, as you'll see below, is spectacularly beautiful and the Cathedral Choir provides an incredible performance.

Photo courtesy of The Sailor

And, making it even more special,  it was the first time that the Cathedral Choir performed back in the church since the 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit in August.
The choir was so impressive -  particularly because neither the Sailor nor I have any musical talent. I wanted to sing along, and I could barely contain myself during Joy to the World (my favorite Christmas carol), but I spared those around me from the agony-- especially since I was getting over a terrible cold.

It as really heartwarming to see people who were passionate about singing and performing for an audience. And the audience certainly enjoyed it!

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