31 May 2012

Project Update: O'verlays

Re-finishing our bedroom furniture was one of our undertakings in anticipation of the big move. The dressers are well-constructed with a simple design, so I figured that we could give them new life with O'verlays. You may recall we started this project...oh...about a month and a half ago. Jeesh, I hope not all of our home improvement projects take as long as the dressers to finish!

Here's the dresser when we started. The Sailor sanded down the rough edges, and I went to the task with my paint brush. Using Annie Sloan chalk paint meant we didn't even have to strip the wood or prime! I definitely would recommend using a small roller to ensure that there aren't any brush marks. We didn't plan on distressing the dresser, like most people do with the chalk paint, so it did look a little streaky until I smoothed it out with the roller.

After. Here it is with two generous coats of paint and a soft wax. We were smarter with the second dresser we painted-- take the drawers out first and paint those separately to avoid having to wedge a little brush back into the crevaces. We had to do some touch-ups with the small brush post-painting, but it looks decent. 

The Sailor spray-painted the overlays a seafoam blue/green to match our bedding. He used two coats of spray, and then we measured and affixed the panels with liquid nails. We bought the white liquid nails, but buy clear for household projects like this. We had to go back around the detailed panels with a q-tip and wipe off the extra liquid nails that seeped out, but there are still some areas we couldn't get perfectly clean.

That Sailor- Boy is he a saint! He's handy AND patient AND handsome AND smart. I'm one lucky woman!  After we'd put two of the overlays on the tall dresser, he suddenly said, "Wait, why are there six panels when we only have five drawers?" Oops. We started to put the set of overlays for the long, wide, six-drawer dresser on the five-drawer, tall dresser. Fortunately, only two of the overlays were on when he realized our mistake, but it did require some minor repair work to fix the paint job. Guess that I lost my project manager job!

After. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, and it saved us from spending a bundle on a new bedroom set!

30 May 2012

Bad Blogger

Apologies for the absence! It's been a busy couple of weeks since my last post...No worries though. I'm not going the way of Hopsy over at Monograms and Manicures or Alice of Summer is a Verb, who are taking a little bloggie break. I will miss reading their posts every day, despite the fact that I still have 300 unread posts in my Google Reader! And I am, without a doubt, going through Pinterest withdrawal... So, what exactly have I been up to???

15 May 2012

Birthday Girl!

Sending warm birthday wishes and lots of love to one of my dearest friends! Miss you! xoxo

10 May 2012

Fashion, Food & Finds

Always a few days late on the awards show fashion posts. But better late than never, as the saying goes!

The Met Gala was Sunday, and these Prada gowns topped my list of fashion faves...

Diane Kruger looks stunning in a full, flowing purple dress.

05 May 2012

Uno Mas, Por Favor! Salud!

Despite the fact that my only connection to Hispanic culture is a love for margaritas and fajitas, I feel compelled to correct a common misconception about Cinco de Mayo. It is not Mexico's independence day, as I first thought.

When I wished The Sailor a Happy Cinco de Mayo this morning,  I said, "Hey, what do we really celebrate on Cinco de Mayo?" Like any well-educated Americans seeking the truth, we consulted Wikipedia, which failed to provide any comprehensible answer.

03 May 2012

Only Half Crazy

Been there. Done that. Got the T-Shirt. Well, it unfortunately wasn't a very nice t-shirt. So we just might have to do it again...

Okay welcome sign but not my FAVORITE Lake George sign