31 January 2015

Interior Design Inspiration

You guys... Periodically I make myself the promise that I'm going to blog on a regular and consistent basis. And it just doesn't happen. I envy the bloggers that have the time and discipline to do it every day! Anyway, it's not for lack of inspiration (most days at least!) I've been pinning and crafting and  cooking, making my own adaptations of ideas from around the blogosphere and Pinterest. And let's talk design--There's so much "pretty stuff" out there in the design world that I've wanted to share, so now is the time!

I think I could find the time to blog if my "office" looked like this!
via Pink Peonies

27 January 2015

Loving Lately: Tea, Theory and Fabletics

Happy Tuesday! So much for #blizzardof2015. Hmph! I was expecting to wake up to a foot of the white fluffy stuff here in upstate NY. And...nothing! We barely got a dusting. The kid in me is completely disappointed!