31 January 2015

Interior Design Inspiration

You guys... Periodically I make myself the promise that I'm going to blog on a regular and consistent basis. And it just doesn't happen. I envy the bloggers that have the time and discipline to do it every day! Anyway, it's not for lack of inspiration (most days at least!) I've been pinning and crafting and  cooking, making my own adaptations of ideas from around the blogosphere and Pinterest. And let's talk design--There's so much "pretty stuff" out there in the design world that I've wanted to share, so now is the time!

I think I could find the time to blog if my "office" looked like this!
via Pink Peonies

Reclaimed barn board ceilings
 KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms recently featured a showhouse that had salvaged tobacco wood ceilings. So novel for this upstate NY girl-- The showhouse was in Tennessee. We don't see tobacco wood 'round these parts! And if you haven't visited KariAnne's blog, go, go, go! She's restoring an old farmhouse, and her posts will make you smile. Karin is sweet and southern; vulnerable yet one strong super mama to tweens; funny and creative. Reading her posts is like sitting down with an old friend and chatting over tea (or sweet tea since it's KariAnne!)

via Thistlewood Farm

via The Heathered Nest

Furbish Studio has always been one of my favorite sites for eye candy for the home, and lately, they've been killing it! As I've probably mentioned before, we have one room in our house that we haven't touched since we moved in two and a half years ago. But we finally decided to tackle it this winter. In case anyone reading has been to our home, it's the room painted in "Marsala 18-1438"-- Yes, we're re-doing the room painted in the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year. The "grounding red brown roots" on the walls just isn't working for us. Or maybe it's the red brown walls broken up with the Adirondack fish border running the perimeter. (Believe it or not, even the Sailor readily agreed that it had to go). Too lodge-y for my liking.

Anyway, there will be a big reveal at some point. But now, in searching for decorative accessories and functional things too, Furbish has been my "go to" for lamps, artwork, you name it. These splatter paint lamps are available to ship at the end of March, and, if I have my way, they are going to be the focal point of the room. Reminiscent of Bunny Williams' Home Jackson Pollack inspired splatter lamps, these babies ring in at two for half the price of one Bunny Williams lamp. (See, Sailor, I'm saving money everywhere!)

Furbish Studio Splatter Lamps
Bunny Williams Splatter Lamp

My obsession with wallpaper lives on...While the Sailor is removing it in the one room we're working on renovating, I'm dreaming of patterns and places where we can hang new paper! The only place that these designs might get the go-ahead is hanging in my closet. They're far too girly for the Sailor's taste, but so very "me"! 

Anthropology Watercolor Peony Wallpaper

Scalamandre Zebra

Wall Republic's Fawn via the Hunted Interior

Julia Rothman Daydream 

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