28 November 2015

Sweet P at Three Months

Favorite Activities: Playing in her activity gym and Stretching

Weight: at least 12.5 lbs

Likes: Eating, Pat-a-Cake, Princess Sophie Lamaze toy, Holding her hands together in a praying position, Blowing bubbles

Highlights: Pippa's First Thanksgiving; Roadtrip to spend time with her cousins;  a visit from the Moon Family

Pippa now sleeps from about 10:30 pm until 5:30 am, sometimes waking once in between for a feeding. She is a great eater and is growing by the day. We will go back to the pediatrician on December 28th and will find out how much weight she has gained since her last check-up at about 6 weeks old. She also has grown more dark hair. Looks like Pippa will be a brunette, even though Daddy was a towhead and Mommy had strawberry blond hair as a child. 

This month, Pippa has really "woken up"-- She's very alert and takes in all the details of her surroundings. She also has found her voice and can be very chatty, especially when watching Mommy and Daddy make funny faces and mirroring them. Bouncing on the exercise ball is still one of the best ways to soothe Pippa, and she's still not a big fan of getting her diaper or clothes changed. Watching Daniel Tiger on PBS or on the iPhone also does the trick to almost instantly calm her.