24 January 2012

Perfect Hiding Spot

If anyone is looking for me, here's my forwarding address...

20 January 2012

Creature Comforts

We all need a little pick-me up as the temperature drops and the winter weather sets in. Whether it's eating a big bowl of piping hot soup, sitting by a fire, cuddling under layers of warm, fluffy blankets, or wearing my favorite wool sweater, there are a few comforting things that keep me happy during these long months. 

16 January 2012

Golden Globes Glamour

I don't usually watch the TV awards shows. In fact, for the most part, I don't really watch TV. Why watch the Golden Globes when I haven't seen the TV shows or movies it's honoring? This year was different though. I was trapped on the hamster-wheel treadmill for the pre-Globes commentary, so I was totally into it by the time the stars walked down the red carpet.

14 January 2012


FINALLY! Over the summer, I had grand plans of brightening up our living room with new curtains. I looked everywhere for the perfect pre-made chevron patterned curtains with zero success. So, I ambitiously went to work buying fabric, pulling out and setting up the old sewing machine...Very reminiscent of when I sewed curtains and matching pillows for our dorm room back in college. Really spruced up the place. Kind-of.

13 January 2012

ADK: Rue La La Sale: Lake Placid Lodge

As promised yesterday, today's post is all about the Lake Placid Lodge. Seems appropo to be blogging about the resort today since there's a sale on two or three night packages on Rue La La. Two nights start at $1050.

It's not overstated, hyped up, or just some marketing line when the website for The Lodge's homepage announces, "It is a realm of infinite welcome and great beauty, where the wide porches, high windows, grand outdoor fireplaces and paths wandering off into the woods embrace the magnificence of nature."

12 January 2012

ADK: Loving Lake Placid

I've been totally spoiled by having the Sailor around for THREE whole weekends in a row! This weekend, we headed to the Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid, where we also went to ski  last March.

On our way to town, we stopped to hike in Henry's Woods, a new-ish 212-acre community preserve with miles of trails. For those of you that know Lake Placid, everyone there is a super-athlete, training for an Ironman or the Olympics...For example, on the drive up there, we saw a car with an LP Euro-sticker and a license plate "TRI- 46ERS." Obnoxious. Orrrrr maybe I'm just jealous since I could barely hike one of the 46 high-peaks in the Adirondacks. Forget about calling myself a "46er."

So, when part of trail in Henry's Woods was marked "strenuous," I seriously panicked. In LP-speak, I worried that meant "impossible." Not the case at all though. It was such a serene walk up a slight incline, covered with a new layer of snow. The "strenuous" part was a 1/2 mile winding path up a hill, leading to great views of the Whiteface Mt. summit.

On the loop back, there was a Bridge to Nowhere...Fortunately, this one wasn't government funded (Had to throw in the reference to the debacle involving an earmark for ALASKA, just for the Alaska-obsessed Sailor).

Following our hike, we rewarded ourselves by relaxing in the whirlpool and sauna area before dinner. The indoor pool is designed to look like it's nestled in the woods, and the sauna is a little cabin in the woods. Bliss!

Photos of Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa, Lake Placid

This photo of Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The owners of the Mirror Lake Inn are the parents of Olympic alpine skier, Andrew Weibrecht, so we were keeping our eyes peeled for a celebrity-sighting of the bronze-medalist. No such luck.

However, the fact that the Inn offers complimentary tea, coffee and chocolate chip cookies, 24-7, makes up for any disappointment we might have felt by not seeing Andrew. I actually got "my" recipe for chocolate chip cookies, but they're never quite as good as when I'm eating them sitting by a roaring fire in the library of the Inn.

The picture is a little dark, but this fieldstone fireplace is just like the one I hope to have in our house someday.  It's the one feature I absolutely MUST have. The Adirondack style is my favorite. (It's TBD whether we will ever have a mounted-head on the fireplace or anywhere else in the house, for that matter.)

I'd also consider something like this arrangement below- although it would be difficult to decide whether to watch the fire or look at the scenery. 

Tomorrow...more fireplaces from seriously luxurious Lake Placid Lodge, where we stopped for lunch. Here's a sneak peek--

09 January 2012

05 January 2012

Make a Statement: Elva Fields Necklaces

If big, bold necklaces are your thing, don't miss  Elva Fields! On days when I hardly have the energy to pull together an outfit, I resort to the comfort of all black with a chunky necklace. Simple yet chic. My favorite is a tibetan turquoise piece, similar to the one shown here, but inlaid with silver:


Thanks to My Cup of Te for the tip about Elva Fields and a 20% off code (enter code: hiphip).

Now, decisions, decisions...I've narrowed it down to my top three favorites...