16 January 2012

Golden Globes Glamour

I don't usually watch the TV awards shows. In fact, for the most part, I don't really watch TV. Why watch the Golden Globes when I haven't seen the TV shows or movies it's honoring? This year was different though. I was trapped on the hamster-wheel treadmill for the pre-Globes commentary, so I was totally into it by the time the stars walked down the red carpet.

As always, there were some hits and misses. My two faves: Kate Beckinsale and Reese Witherspoon.

I wasn't in love with the flesh-toned gowns, but Kate's Roberto Cavalli was a stunner. Her barely-there make-up and simple up-do were the perfect compliment to the slinky gown and major bracelet BLING.

Photo courtesy of Fabsugar

Reese was just radiant! The red Zac Posen gown popped in a sea of blahhhhh neutral colored gowns. 

Photo courtesy of Popsugar

And her tousled hair looked better than ever! The waves are a departure from the polished do's Reese normally sports for formal events.  

Photo courtesy of People

And the Failures of the Night-- I'm no real fashionista, but I think that Erin Gates from Elements of Style got it right in her commentary on Jessica Biel's selection:

"Seriously? You just get engaged to Mr. Sexy Back and you wear your Grandma’s doily? I’d be running down the red carpet in the most fabulous, sexy thing I could get my hands on. "

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Poor thing. I do feel badly that Madonna stepped on her train, and Biel showed up both sans JT and sans engagement ring...

Jessica Biel wasn't the worst dressed though. In my book, it was Zooey Deschanel.  Everything about this look was wrong - from the haircut with sideburns to the lacy neckline and the Nickelodeon green slime colored sequins on this Prada dress. What was she thinking? Hideous.

What are your thoughts on the evening's best and worst fashions? 

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