13 January 2012

ADK: Rue La La Sale: Lake Placid Lodge

As promised yesterday, today's post is all about the Lake Placid Lodge. Seems appropo to be blogging about the resort today since there's a sale on two or three night packages on Rue La La. Two nights start at $1050.

It's not overstated, hyped up, or just some marketing line when the website for The Lodge's homepage announces, "It is a realm of infinite welcome and great beauty, where the wide porches, high windows, grand outdoor fireplaces and paths wandering off into the woods embrace the magnificence of nature."

During our visit to property, the Sailor and I had lunch in Maggie's Pub. The pub's logo is a golden retriever, and she actually wandered into the pub while we were eating lunch. Such a beautiful and well behaved dog deserves to be allowed to roam!

No detail was overlooked in designing this place, after a devastating fire destroyed many of the main building in 2005- the fireplace even has a map of Lake Placid inlaid in stones. I was amazed at how the interior combined an Adirondack feel, with safari prints and some contemporary furniture. Not a lot of spotted or striped animal skins, but just enough to keep this zebra/leopard/giraffe print lover happy!

And check out this mural, which extended all the way around a circular room that overlooked the lake. There were hand-painted touches that bring the outdoors inside all over the property. And the interior designers actually did bring in real elements of nature too...

Although there were so many fabulous features of The Lodge, my absolute favorite part is the HUGE wrap-around porch that spans the entire building. It has lots of different outdoor seating areas, set in front of a fireplace, with plush leather couches, oriental carpets, throw pillows and blankets for guests to gather round, sip cocktails and chat. While the inside of the Lodge brings the outdoors in, the outside brings the inside out. Un-be-liev-able. 

The picture is a little dark, but this is a circular "tower" room outdoors.
 Quite possibly the best part of the wraparound porch. 

This seating area has an extra heater- a necessity when it gets below freezing so frequently! 

Just imagine the view of the lake and the mountains from here.

The Lodge, with its 13 rooms and 17 cabins, is actually the only hotel located right on Lake Placid. It's been such a warm winter that the lake hasn't even frozen yet -- Even when it is completely frozen, there's not a chance I'd walk out there in snowshoes or visit anyone in their little ice fishing hut.

The Lodge had amazing artwork to complement the ADK decor. Tree branches were fashioned into a deer, complete with antlers to make this guy --

And we found the most gorgeous picture I've seen in a long time hanging at the base of a stairway. The frame isn't visible in this photo below, but it's made from wood similar to the base of the deer above -- a lacquered natural shaped piece of oak(?), showing the tree growth in rings.

We didn't stay at the Lodge this time we visited Lake Placid. So I'll just continue to drool over the Lodge's online photo gallery of rooms until next time. Right-o, Sailor?

It may be a super-special birthday (like the big 4-0) before I get to stay at the Lodge, which is okay. It will give us plenty of time to plan for the celebration we're going to throw in the wine cellar. 

This room was take-your-breath-away amazing with all of the wines lined up in a cooler across one wall. I've never seen another wine cellar as spectacular as the one at the Lodge. Visit.

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