30 April 2013

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal: April

Today's the reveal day for Foodie Pen Pals! It was my first time participating in the box-swap organized by Lindsay of The Lean Green Bean. Easy enough for participants- A LOT of work on Lindsay's part! (Thanks for putting it all together, Lindsay!) I emailed Lindsay and said I wanted in on the goodie exchange. She sent out a list of participants including the names of the person you send a box to and the person who sends you a box. Email likes, dislikes; and pop your box in the mail by the 15th of the month with a handwritten note (my favorite part!).

FPP post Foodie Penpals

29 April 2013

Rope Bracelet Redux

Happy Monday, Friends! Looks like the sailor's knot bracelets have made another reappearance on the summer must-have list. Fortunately, I've found some affordable alternatives to The Ropes Maine and if you're feeling creative, there are a lot of easy DIY tutorials to follow out there.

Here are a couple of the bargains I found followed by a link to a DIY on one of my favorite new finds ....lovemaegan.

Hooked on You Sailor Bracelet, Tango Orange
You can always count on The Pink Pelican for bright
summer clothes and jewelry!
$28/ tango orange or schooner blue 

25 April 2013

Kitchen Nightmare (not the kind you think)

I know that, for most people, the kitchen is one of the most important things to consider when buying a house. Not for me. When we were looking, I was indifferent about it since I hadn't spent much time cooking (nor cared to cook) at that point. It was waaayy low on my priority list.

Well, after living in our house for about ten months now, the kitchen is driving me crazy! There's not enough light or cabinet space, and the layout is so inconvenient for preparing food. We're not ready to do a full renovation, but we definitely could use some changes.

15 April 2013

Spectacular Saturday

It was such a treat to have the Sailor around this weekend! He usually ends up working at least one day on the weekend, but we finally got to spend both Saturday and Sunday together. I had a long run planned Saturday as part of training for the Dragonfly Adventure's Make It a Great Day half-marathon next month.

12 April 2013

Here fishy-fishy: The splendor of chowda'

Hey there! Rough week battling insomnia and trying to get over the fact that spring is STILL not here. But I sure am glad that the weekend IS here! 

What's on the agenda for this weekend? Lots of catching up on sleep for sure. I also have a long run and yard work planned... if it's not snowing. If the weather is lousy, we're going to check out a new wine bar, The Thirsty Owl, and have lunch in Saratoga Springs. Hmmm, maybe this weather isn't really anything to complain about after all. I'd much prefer to spend a Saturday sipping wine than running!


07 April 2013

Rock On

In honor of the Rolling Stones recent announcement of their 50 and Counting tour, today's post is a tribute to my favorite Rock N Roller, Keith Richards. It's been awhile since I wrote my last Ode to Keith-- more than two ago when his autobiography came out in fact.

Tickets for the  50 and Counting shows go on sale tomorrow, April 8 at 10 AM. I'm pretty disappointed that they're not coming to New York, but I'm crossing my fingers that they will add dates and venues. The schedule looks like there's plenty of room for more performances.

Rolling Stones Live

Back to Keith... He has to be pretty awesome to have scored such a stunning, super-model wife. I hope I look like Patti Hansen when I'm pushing 60! Legend says that she was the one who saved him from self-destruction in the '70's and '80's.

Cool is a word that comes up often in descriptions of Hansen. "Patti is the ultimate cool girl," Michael Kors says. "She is rock 'n' roll royalty but also incredibly down-to-earth and has one of the most genuine souls out there." Donna Karan, who has worked with Hansen since the late '80s, is equally enthusiastic: "She's been the same girl since I've known her. She's cool, she's hot, she's a mother, she's a caring and giving person. They're a deep, deep family." 

Read more: Patti Hansen Interview – Patti Hansen Quotes on Keith Richards - Harper's BAZAAR

03 April 2013

Style Envy: Aerin Lauder

Let's talk about Aerin Lauder for a moment. First of all, the spelling of her name- Jealous! I know half a dozen people named Erin but not one Aerin. I would have preferred if my parents named me Summer in honor of my birthday on the first day of Summer, but I had no say in the matter. So, I guess Erin is okay for me.

Anyway, I think Aerin Lauder was destined for greatness from day one because of her name.