05 April 2012


Okay, so I confess. The Fashion Gods (and my quest to remain forever young and trendy) got the best of me. I bought skinny colored jeans. The Sailor and I were shopping in Vermont, and JCrew had them on sale for HALF (you read that right, HALF) the price they are in the catalog or online.

The sales woman there had them on, and they looked absolutely adorable. Then when she told me that they were going up in price by $20 this weekend, I interpreted that as the jeans being "ON SALE" now. And I was sold.

I probably would have paired the jeans with a neutral colored shirt, but the sales woman had this green sweater on with the colored jeans. It was a great look, so I promptly located it in the very crowded store and bought that as well.

....Also in the super trendy category with the brightly colored matchstick jeans...What's with these rope bracelets? I guess last summer's "must-have" trendy piece of jewelry was the friendship bracelet, and now we're on to these fancy rope sailor's bracelets. 

The Ropes Maine, $52

Tory Burch, $95 

Kiel James Patrick, $38 

Remember when the basic rope sailor's knot bracelets were in every seaside souvenir shop for $2.99? Why are the new ones so darn expensive??? It's string, people... But that anchor clasp sure is eye-catching and just might make it worth buying! 

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