25 April 2012

Wish List

I hope that you're not already bored with reading about posts about the new house, because I have the best one yet today! I was just reading one of the blogs I follow, Interior Design Musings -- (Hint, hint- If you don't follow Serendipity and the Sailor, please "Follow" in the column to the right!) -- and Interior Design Musings blogger Mandi Smith raved about the eye candy she saw in Traditional Home's Spring 2012 issue. Despite receiving too many magazines to read in one month, that's one I don't get...Yet.

Anyway, Mandi's design philosophy is "to make high end interiors accessible to those on a budget." The beginning of today's post however forewarned readers against looking at the photos from Trad Home if they're trying not to make any interior design changes (nope, not me-- changes galore!) or if they are trying to stick to a budget (yep, that's me unfortunately). Well, despite the warning, I scrolled down and saw the gem below...  

I think I've made it pre-tty clear that I have really, really tried to control my impulses to buy stuff for the new house before we move. Sailor's Rules. But I haven't found something I LOVE as much as this Cotswald bench from Anthro. I mean, this is a piece of furniture that will make a room. 

It's a little bit pricey. But I think I can make the argument that I've already saved us bundles of moola by upcycling our existing furniture for the new house and getting crafty by making some home decor items myself. (Well, in all honesty, I've only replicated one painting for a wall so far. I have big plans though... ) Maybe I can even find a similar bench, re-upholster it and paint it myself. That will be at the top of the "To Do" craft list once the Sailor sees it on my wish lists, gasps at the price tag, and declares, "It's hideous." 

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