19 September 2016

Too Good to Miss: Le Creuset Giveaway

Quick check in to let you know that one of my favorite blogs, Waiting on Martha, has a super giveaway happening now! Mandy and Kat from WOM styled a Spanish themed dinner with Le Creuset, and they're giving away a 16 piece Le Creuset set in the color of your choice. So head on over and enter the giveaway!

We're huge fans of Le Creuset here at Casa DeSantis...Rather I should say that the Sailor is a huge fan of it for its functionality. I am a huge fan for the pop of color that the flame adds to our kitchen-- We have the tea kettle, mugs, bowls, stock pot, au gratin serving dish, Dutch Oven, the utensil holder...you get the idea. Oh, and we had to stop at the new Le Creuset outlet this weekend in Lake George to pick up a (replacement) spoon rest (oops). I could have spent hours in that store!

In addition to the flame, we also have a couple of other random Le Creuset pieces we've acquired in different colors over the years. As much as I still love the bold orange that we selected for our set six plus years after we added it to our wedding registry, my design sensibilities have matured over the years. (Thank goodness my mom talked me out of getting an orange Kitchen Aid mixer!) There's no doubt about it-- Orange or "flame" is a commitment. It's a winner for autumn and looks seasonally appropriate sitting on the stovetop or counter during the fall. But such a bright color can be a little overpowering at times. 

Since we got most of our pieces, Le Creuset has come out with some other really pretty colors  that are more sophisticated and subdued than flame. The blues really caught my eye-- Ink and Coastal are beautiful,  and the new Matte Cashmere...now that color would match just about any kitchen decor perfectly! 


Matte Cashmere

What color would you choose?

16 September 2016

Toes in the Sand...I wish!

Fall is on its way! Everyone celebrates the coming of the season with posts about PSL and cute autumn decor, but it means that the cold weather will be here soon. That is my LEAST favorite part of the changing of the seasons. I seem to be chilled from late-September through March every year. Upstate New York/New England is not the region for this girl!

21 August 2016

Catching Up

I'm back after a little bit of  a blogging break. I've been trying to treasure the moments of summer, so that means less screen time at night for blogging or reading blogs. In the evenings after work I've been taking walks with Sweet P in the stroller and enjoying time on our patio (photos to come) when it's not too hot, humid and buggy to be sitting outside. What else has been happening around here?

Track Time
Grammie and Pop-Pop, Sweet P, and I went to Saratoga to play the ponies! Actually, we all came home winners because we didn't bet a single race! P's head was spinning with all of the things to look at-- food and drink vendors, people, bands, betting booths. She didn't quite get the concept of watching the horses at first, but it wasn't long before she was pointing and smiling as they paraded by on their way to and from the paddocks.

29 July 2016

SWEET P at ELEVEN MONTHS: Monthly Updates

When Sweet P was born, I started a Shutterfly share site to post photos and provide updates to friends and family. But it wasn't long before I realized that Shutterfly's limited functionality wasn't the best option to capture these memories, and I wanted to switch to a better platform. Well, I STILL haven't found a better way to share the monthly recaps and photos ...and we're rapidly approaching Sweet P's first birthday! So with a little work, I converted the monthly updates to blog posts. 

Without further ado...

Sweet P at Ten Months
Sweet P at Nine Months

Sweet P at Eight Months
Sweet P at Seven Months
Sweet P at Six Months
Sweet P at Five Months
Sweet P at Four Months
Sweet P at Three Months
Sweet P at Two Months
Sweet P at One Month


As Pippa hits the eleven month mark, we eagerly await her being able to stand without holding on-- any day now! She's become a speedy crawler, scooting and exploring everywhere. Her curiosity has made baby proofing and constant watch essential as she investigates how things work and puts every object that's not a toy in her mouth... Flip flops and library books are especially tasty. 

12 July 2016

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

I'm back after a 4th of July weekend filled with birthday celebrations for the Sailor and boating on the lake...followed by a stomach bug that hit us hard last week!  We were away three weekends in a row, so it felt great to be hanging out at home this weekend-- even if it meant cleaning and catching up on other chores around the house.

Now that we've had time to adjust to this parenting thing and catch our breaths, I am finally ready to start doing some home improvements again. Sigh says the Sailor, who will be roped into  eagerly volunteer for handy work. Lucky for him, I've mainly been thinking about decor and design changes. Since we spend the majority of our time in the kitchen, I've been eyeing replacements for our battered, uncomfortable old dining chairs. And, ugh, tops on the list of updates-- getting rid of that dreadful boob light in the middle of the cooking area.

01 July 2016

Four Things Friday: Food, Fun, Flowers & Fashion

Hey there! I am on a roll here with two posts in a week. This was supposed to be a Three Things Thursday post, but here we are on Fri-YAY! A Friday before the holiday weekend and the beginning of the Sailor's Birthday Week celebration.

So here's what's captured my attention lately...

Half Baked Harvest's Avocado Caprese Pasta with Grilled Broccoli Rabe
Yesssss, I am still obsessed with this blog! Mouthwatering goodness every single day! Tieghan Gerard, the woman behind the recipes is just in her early twenties but she has a long history of recipe successes that she shares in a voice that's like sitting down to chat with a friend.

Avocado caprese pasta with grilled broccoli rabe

Just look at this delish dish! It's the perfect combo of creamy, crunchy, salty and satisfying ingredients. I love that it combines both raw tomatoes and avocado with grilled broccoli.

29 June 2016

Cape Cod with the Kiddo

We're back from a perfect vacation week filled with seafood, sunshine and lots of snuggles with Sweet P! The Sailor and I rented an adorable Cape cottage on VRBO. There were lots of options on the Cape, but I selected this place in Wellfleet for its beautiful gardens and outdoor space and the location about a half-mile from the beach.