15 June 2017

Sweet P at Twenty-One Months

It feels like a long time since I last did an update on P. In a matter of months, Pippa has transformed from an infant into a spirited, strong-willed toddler. Pip's favorite word is "no," and she likes to be the boss. She directs Mom and Dad to "sit" and "play," but she nothing makes her happier than when she can get others to laugh. We can't get enough of her giggle and wide grin!

 At the end of February, she moved up to the "Chipmunks" classroom where she sleeps on a cot, plays in the Adventure Center and explores the playground at school almost daily. She's learning the alphabet and her numbers and enjoys the non-stop themed sensory activities. Pip can communicate pretty well using a combination of sign language and words, and we are working hard at encouraging growth of her vocabulary.


Pippa has really shown an interest in art and loves to paint and color. She also continues to love books and playing in her little kitchen.One word to describe her is BUSY- She is always running around, dancing, spinning and acting silly. A stuffed pink cat coincidentally named "Lola" has replaced the Pout-Pout fish as her go-to plush toy. As we approach her second birthday, we're already strategizing about how we're going to say bye-bye to the beloved binky ("BB").

P weighs about 26 lbs. and is now in the 66th percentile for height and weight. Such a change from her birth weight in the fifth percentile. Everyone remarks that she's tall, and it seems like she is constantly outgrowing her clothes and shoes. Pip is FINALLY starting to get some hair too!

Her favorite foods are avocado, cantaloupe, pickles, M and Ms, pizza, mint chocolate chip ice cream and cheese.  

Highlights of the past few months: First plane ride to Florida; an overnight in Burlington, Vermont and trip to the ECHO Lake Champlain Center; hunting for Easter eggs; planting beans, dill, and sweet peas; taking the first boat ride of the season

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