27 April 2015

(Mostly) Natural Beauty Product Finds

Pregnancy has made me really pay a lot more attention to the ingredients in all of the beauty products I use daily. As I've run out of a product, I'll try to replace it with a brand that's free of parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals. Bonus if the replacement is not tested on animals and organic. I'm not going crazy making sure that everything is all natural, but I am a much more conscious shopper knowing that anything toxic I'm slathering all over my face and body can potentially get to the baby. 

So what will you find in my bathroom cabinets these days?

22 April 2015

Weekend Recap and Book Wish List

Good morning, and happy hump day! I had planned to post a review of the all natural beauty products I've been using and loving lately in honor of Earth Day, but that's going to have to wait until later in the week. Instead, I'm catching you up on scenes from the weekend and leaving you with a decor and entertaining booklist/wishlist.

The weekend weather was glorious! It seriously makes me feel like a different person when it's warm and sunny outside. I got my much needed Vitamin D infusion as I finally found my groove again and did two five mile runs.

17 April 2015

Fitness Friday: Polar FT7 and Fitness Fashion

About six weeks ago, I finally got a heart rate monitor. The Sailor has owned one for years, but I never really wanted/needed one.  I thought it would be a good investment now though since it's important to me to maintain an active fitness routine while pregnant yet at the same time not overexert myself.

Although the guidelines stating that a woman's heart rate shouldn't exceed 140 bpm while exercising during pregnancy are outdated, as confirmed here, here, here and by my doctor, I wanted to have some idea of the range I'm in when running, using the arc trainer at the gym and doing circuits.

16 April 2015

Global Fashion Inspiration

Every year from the time I was a child, my parents and I went on an annual family vacation to Mexico. My parents continue the tradition to this day, but now they're fortunate enough to spend five or six weeks there every year. And me? I haven't been back in two years, but my heart aches for it some days-- especially during this past long cold winter!

07 April 2015

Weekend Highlights and A To-Die-For Scone Recipe

Spring is finally here, and I was super excited to enjoy some beautiful weather this weekend! Here's the recap...On Friday afternoon, I enjoyed my first long run outside in the s u n s h i n e! Whoohoo! I'm slow as molasses these days, but it felt great to be outside moving!

06 April 2015

04 April 2015

Saratoga Stay-cation

A couple of months ago,  the Sailor and I stayed overnight in Saratoga at the Batcheller Mansion Inn, a beautiful old Victorian B&B in the heart of town. Saratoga is only about a half hour from where we live, but it was a fun change of pace to break up the monotony of snowy winter weekends. Built in 1873, the mansion has Victorian, French Renaissance, Italian and Egyptian influence... and a storied history.

03 April 2015

Big News

I can hardly contain my excitement anymore and am thrilled to announce...