03 April 2015

Big News

I can hardly contain my excitement anymore and am thrilled to announce...

There's been so much fun stuff happening around here related to the Baby, and I'm so happy to finally share some of it. I'm just shy of 18 weeks now, so there's a lot to catch up on!

The Announcement
It's been a big, big secret for awhile since the Sailor and I found out around week 5. We didn't tell anyone until about a month ago except for my bestie, who I told in mid-February. I had to tell her while we were visiting St. John, where she lives, and honestly I can't believe I even waited that long to tell her! But I felt really lucky that I got to tell her in person.

Then we told our parents and a few close friends. We used teamwork to make my parents this countdown clock. After I found the idea on Etsy, the Sailor cut and sanded the blocks, and I painted it. Lil' tip...Buy it from Etsy! Much easier.

Slowly we've been sharing the news with others throughout the past month....And now there's more to add! IT'S A GIRL!

The Sailor and I had our own little gender reveal celebration last weekend, and we couldn't have been more surprised! I was almost sure that it was a boy because the Sailor has so many males in his family, and because I thankfully felt really great during my first trimester (second trimester...somewhat of a different story). Buuuut the ultrasound suggested otherwise. At 7 weeks found the baby's heart rate at 166, and the baby's heart rate at the 12 week appointment was 154. The old wives' tales say that anything above 140 is a girl. Another one says that if you crave sweet foods, it's a girl; salty and sour foods, it's a boy. Guess that would explain my cravings for a donut early on! In this case, the old wives' tales proved true!

So now it's time to pick out a name, start the nursery and go shopping for all things pink and frilly!

Were the old wives' tales right about your baby's gender?
What kinds of foods did you crave during pregnancy?

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