25 April 2013

Kitchen Nightmare (not the kind you think)

I know that, for most people, the kitchen is one of the most important things to consider when buying a house. Not for me. When we were looking, I was indifferent about it since I hadn't spent much time cooking (nor cared to cook) at that point. It was waaayy low on my priority list.

Well, after living in our house for about ten months now, the kitchen is driving me crazy! There's not enough light or cabinet space, and the layout is so inconvenient for preparing food. We're not ready to do a full renovation, but we definitely could use some changes.

 I would really love an island, but that would most certainly require a total reno. The combo of white with the wood and industrial is definitely a look that appeals to me too. The shelves rather than cabinets open things up a lot,  but I worry that it would be a little high maintenance. It requires keeping everything VERY organized ALL of the time! But I do think it would make unloading the dishwasher a whole lot easier. 

Via Shannon Berrey Designs

A mini island! We could incorporate something like this, I suppose. It doesn't allow for eating or socializing, like I'd want, but it does provide more prep space. 


via apartment therapy

This space just flows, and the windows and bubble lights are a big plus for me since one of my biggest complaints about our kitchen is that it's so dark. 

Speaking of lighting, replacing that could be the perfect place to start for our upgrades! I fell in love when I saw this pendant light. But I'm not so sure how it would look with our round kitchen table.

CB2 Firefly Pendant Lamp

But I think that there's an easy solution --We can replace our existing round round kitchen table with a rectangular one like the Ballard Design's Messina, covered with a zinc top to give it an heirloom quality look. I might have some convincing to do on that one...

Messina Dining Table

This kitchen has so much going on, but I think it meets many of my criteria. 

Black and white door frames and molding- check. 
Hardwood floors- check. 
Industrial metal accents- check. 
Modern lighting- check.  

Via Shelter Interiors

I saved the best for last. I want to do away with our oak stained cabinets, but this photo sometimes makes me think twice about that decision. Check out the ceiling- I'd give that a try, but I'm fairly certain any lines I painted would make it feel more like a fun-house than a relaxing gathering space! And not one but TWO islands! Swoon. 

Now, if I could relocate somewhere coastal, I'd have a whole different world of possibilities to consider... 

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