15 January 2015

Pretty Paper

These notecards arrived this week from the Fine Stationery 14 and Orange collection!

It's been four (plus) years since I bought monogrammed personal stationery (if you don't count the little notecards that you can pick up at Home Goods), so my supply of the "good stuff" was dwindling. I love the color combo of coral and turquoise and the monogram layout. Believe it or not, I made the design decisions quickly, which usually isn't the best way to do things, but I haven't second-guessed my decision at all.

Although stationery is my first love when it comes to pretty paper, planners are up there on the list too! And a new year means a new day planner. The old school kind. Paper. There's something about having the weight of the paper in your hands, being able to look at the big picture and the details, tracking to-dos and goals, and reading motivational quotes every time you open it up.

Here are a few of my favorites...

The tried and true Lilly Pulitzer Small Agenda, which I've used for years. Reasons I keep going back-- beyond the obvious that it's bright and fun:

- It's small enough to throw in my handbag.
- It shows 18 months and has multiple full-views of the month and plenty of space to write in the spot for each day.
- The elastic ribbon closure and the reinforced pocket in the front allow me to stuff it chock full of receipts, business cards, coupons, you-name-it, without everything falling out.
- Horoscope! The year-ahead horoscope gives you a little glimpse into what the future holds.
- I'm a sucker for the mini-stickers. It comes with adorable little stickers to mark special occasions, like mani-pedi days, ME days, girl's night out and vacation!

I spotted this one on Courtney's blog. Looks so useful for meal planning and healthy living tracking (water intake and balanced nutrition tools). Also has slots for hourly appointments. 

Love the striped cover, inspirational quotes and motivational goals sections. It would be so much easier to stay focused on those things if I had my career, spiritual, family and personal goals staring me in the face every day! 

Sold out! Special announcement coming from the shop on 1/28 though...

How are you staying organized in the new year?

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