10 May 2012

Fashion, Food & Finds

Always a few days late on the awards show fashion posts. But better late than never, as the saying goes!

The Met Gala was Sunday, and these Prada gowns topped my list of fashion faves...

Diane Kruger looks stunning in a full, flowing purple dress.

Great choice- Feathers are so fancy for a gala! Kate Bosworth and I are kindred spirits right down to our heterochromia iridium (multicolored eyes). 

The Sailor and I hit barVino in North Creek last Friday night. It's a trendy little spot and reminded me a lot of a restaurant you might find in Rhinebeck. The Sailor was impressed with the selection of beers, and they, of course, had many, many different wine labels. In typical fashion for me though, I found a wine I liked and stuck with it all night-- the Olivier Leflaive “Les Setille,” which was a chardonnay/ white burgundy combo. Loved it.

barVino is a small plate place, so we started with a burrata cheese with sea salt and cracked pepper, served with toasted sourdough. I'd never tried burrata before, but it's similar to mozzarella cheese with a warm, creamy ricotta inside.

Then, we moved on to a seared ahi tuna salad with arugula, jicama, kimchi & lime vinaigrette.

And we finished by sharing gnocchi with brandy cream, bacon and almonds. I'm disappointed that barVino's menu changes weekly based on fresh, seasonal ingredients because I would go back there all the time for this dish alone!

North Creek may seem a little off the beaten path, but if you're a skier, look for it just past Gore Mountain. Definitely worth the drive!

The talk of the town lately has been the much-anticipated specialty Shops at Target that debuted on Sunday. There was a lot of hype, because the special collections from the past (Missoni, Jason Wu, McQueen) have been nothing short of fab-u-lous. But I was pretty underwhelmed by the Shops' selection at our local Tar-jay.  

I was especially eager to check out Privet House, home decor collection, and Cos Bar, cosmetics. Cos Bar soap, lotion, and beauty products were really inexpensive (between $3-$6 each), but cheaply packaged. And the scents, including blueberry white tea, were not-so-appealing.  

The Privet House collection was pretty slim too. It was confined to end caps in my local store, so I didn't have much to browse. I did spot a few things online that I liked though including this wire serving collection: 
Buuuut, once again, I am really trying to refrain from buying anything for the house before we move in. Especially if it's decorative and not functional. So, much to the Sailor's delight, I saved my pennies and left Target with just one "non-essential" item -- pink polka dot, monogrammed beverage naps-- from the dollar bin nonetheless! 

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