30 December 2011

Date Night- Saratoga Style

Wednesday has traditionally been Date Night for us. In the summer, there's never a shortage of fun activities for us-- we play tennis, get ice cream, go for a walk, go to the pool, etc. etc. -- all that stuff people who live in warm climates get to enjoy year round. The winter proves to be a little different. It's dark early. The weather is usually more frightful than delightful (think windy, icy, fuh-reezing cold), so from November to May, we tend to find ourselves settling in on the couch with sushi for a night of watching Modern Family and American Idol. Not this Wednesday though!

Escaping work early, we were able to beat some of the traffic and we headed north to Saratoga. Yes, the "Summer Place to Be." It's far more exciting in the summer, but on Wednesday, we found that it's not half bad in December either.

I had a Christmas exchange to make at the Lilly store prior to our dinner plans, so I had exactly thirty minutes to shop. Not nearly enough time!

The Sailor patiently waited for me while I browsed the Pink Paddock (how cute is that- a horse themed Lilly store!) So much to choose from and so little time. Anyway, I settled on a couple of things for our upcoming trip to Mexico... The Skip on It bikini, providing that the post-holiday "program" (DIET) sheds the cookie/candy/you-name-it pudge gained as a result of the numerous gift baskets that found their way into the kitchen at work.

 Hopefully, by February, with a little lot of will-power, commitment to eating healthy and a whole lotta time at the gym, I can wear whatever I want with confidence like this cutie--

Plan B: Always have a back-up. Should the workouts not, well, work (and there will be nooooo desperate, frantic return to P-90X), I picked up the Cassie dress in shorely blue as a cover-up. It's very soft and stretchy (Key when I have sunburned my fair skin), and it can be worn over jeans or leggings if it's a little chilly.

Then, the practical purchase. During the spring, I searched high and low for a light weight cotton trench. Okay, to be honest, I searched high and low for a cotton trench like the one by Ted Baker that Princess Catherine wore this summer and spring.

Anyway, I spotted the black Kelli trench on sale and fell in love with the ruffled neck, sateen fabric and hot pink lining. 

The Pink Paddock also carries Rachel Ray Designs, which I'd never seen before. Her equestrian-style jewelry, belts, and totes are made of high-quality leather and are undoubtedly going to be a hit with the horsey set come summertime.

After dinner, we headed over to Max London's, a bistro next to the famed Mrs. London's bakery. There is indeed a real Mrs. London, who owns the shop, and bakes the most mouth-watering sweets- eclairs, cheesecakes, mousse, ladyfingers, tarts, napoleons. I digress... Max London's is a hip eatery featuring an excellent wine selection, fresh local food, craft beers and wood-fired pizza. Their menu also has a wide selection of salami and cheese if you like to make a meal of the combo, which I often do (rather, did, before the post-holiday program).

We met up with an old friend who is moving from Saratoga to New York City for a new job and graduate program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She's going to be working at FIT, while getting her Master's in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management -- it's a perfect career transition for someone who used to work for the VP of Marketing at L'Oreal. What's even more cool than getting to play with make-up everyday as a "job," my friend's office is down the hall from a room with archived Chanel shoes (a WHOLE room!!!) and down the hall from labs, where students dress mannequins and test new fabrics. How about taking a class called "Styling Tricks: Pining, Taping and Clothing Care"? Sign me up! Needless to say, I am going to be hanging on every word she tells me about this amazing experience!

And, if you're still reading, you're going to be rewarded! After dinner, we got on the road again to visit our very close friends and their brand new baby! It's their third child (Hello, SuperMom!), and I can hardly believe we were talking with them that evening about the different features on certain models of mini-vans. But I suppose if my little ones are as perfect as baby Charlotte, I'd keep adding to the brood too! Isn't she the most beautiful baby? We love her already!!!

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