23 May 2011


Phew, the doomsday prediction that the world would end on May 21 was proved wrong. No Judgment Day after all.

The nasty weather -- tornadoes in the plains to floods in the south to the never-ending rain in the northeast-- suggests that the Doomsday Prophet might not have gotten it all wrong though.

Our biggest fear surrounding the alleged End of Days was that our garden would be washed away. Fortunately, God must have been smiling upon us this week. Everything we planted last week survived.

It doesn't appear that anything grew much, but even one of the little bean plants I was sure wouldn't make it, withstood the near-constant downpour to be rewarded with a generous dousing of Miracle-Gro.

Row 1: Big Boy Tomatoes, Parsley, Chives
Row 2: Portugal Hot Peppers, Basil, Rosemary, Curly Parsley
Row 3: Lettuce, Beans, Mint, Dill

Three things I am loving these days:

Sherbet with Sundaes Best raspberry chocolate sauce, made locally in Saratoga

Crystal Light Margarita Drink Mix. Not as tasty as the typical margarita mix, but at 5 calories per serving, rather than the 500 in a regular margarita, the CL makes me feel a lot less guilty. Fiesta!!!

Throwback to the '80's! The return of the espadrille. Soludos are my brand of choice- so comfy and great customer service!

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