17 May 2011

Hit Snooze

Today is one of those rainy days when you just want to stay curled up in bed with a cup of hot tea and a good book. I can picture myself in any one of these sanctuaries...

Neutral colored leather headboard and frame from Crate and Barrel. Could be bo-ring, but the furnishings and curtains in melon provide fun pops of color .

This room is perfection - so much attention to detail from the molding to the chandelier and bedside tables.  I would never have guessed that the pale blue head and footboards would work so well with a slightly lighter shade on the walls. 

Built in bookshelves to house my library. Loving the texture of the side table-- It looks big enough to fit all of my night time needs too-- glasses, lamp, two photos of the Sailor, a glass of water and coaster, Guatemalan worry doll, scented candle and my blackberry. Oh, and I don't like it to look too cluttered either.

The bright white comforter and paneling make this room feel so fresh, while the hot pink silk pillows and flowers suggest a little romance.  It works!

Here's my fave. It reminds me of a tree house or attic hideaway. Plus, who doesn't want to nap under the stars?

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