11 May 2015

Rodan and Fields Five Minute Mini-Facial Review

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent a Rodan + Fields five minute mini-facial to try. Big thanks to Elicia for sending me the goodies! I wanted to have a relaxing, pampering night-- have a little facial and unwind with a magazine and cup of tea. Didn't happen, but it was still fun to try out new products that left my skin feeling soft and hydrated!

The mini facial kit comes with a one- time use microderm abrasion paste, night renewing serum and lip serum.

But before I get carried away with the products, what about the company? Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the makers of the wildly successful Proactiv, have branched out into an anti-aging skincare line.

Much like Avon, Mary Kay, Arbonne and some other cosmetic companies, Rodan + Fields is a direct selling model. (No worries- there's no sales pitch here at the end!  I love playing with make-up and products as much as any woman, but I'm not into sales.) The difference I've seen between Rodan + Fields and other cosmetics companies is the massive ongoing social media presence.

If you're a thirty-something woman, open your Facebook page, and chances are that at least one or two of your friends either have shared a post about R+F or have joined the ranks of independent consultants that are earning income, winning trips, driving new cars, loving a flexible schedule, building teams and sharing their passion for the products.  It doesn't stop there though- many sales consultants even have Pinterest pages dedicated to products.

According to the R+F website, there are six main categories of products-- Redefine, Reverse, Unblemished, Soothe, Enhancements and Essentials. Extensive selection that can be selected from to suit your skin type. The  before and after photos are AMAZING! And if it doesn't work for you, R+F has a 60 day, empty bottle, money back guarantee.

So, what products were in my mini-facial?

ENHANCEMENTS Microderm Paste- The facial contained a single use packet to first exfoliate and smooth skin. The directions said to just apply the paste and rub for 30-60 seconds without adding water, which I thought was unusual. It wasn't exactly gentle, but I felt like it was working like an exfoliating scrub should be to smooth away dry skin.  And the results- It was perfect for my skin since I tend to get dry patches that flake on my nose and cheeks.  With regular use, the micro-dermabrasion paste is said to improve both texture and tone.  I can attest to the better texture-- My face was noticeable softer and felt pretty well hydrated immediately after using the paste alone, which contains sugar, salt, Vitamin C & E.  $78

REDEFINE Night Serum- I am a huge fan of face serum! My favorite used to be Kiehl's Abyssine, which I used religiously for a couple of years. The R+F Redefine Night Renewing Serum is something that I definitely could see myself using on a regular basis too. It's packed with retinol and peptides again to improve texture and firmness. The magical little blue bead felt like silk going on! Added bonus, my face was still really soft and felt well hydrated in the morning. $90 for 60 beads

REDEFINE Lip Serum- I admittedly neglect my lips terribly. I use a swipe of ChapStick here and there and apply Aquaphor healing balm in the winter and when they're really dry. I never use any sort of products or apply creams, serums or anything special to them before bed-- it's one extra step that I just can't handle when my head is ready to hit the pillow. The mini-facial however included a little bead of lip serum that was such a treat! The lip serum felt wonderful going on- not too greasy or waxy. Plus it didn't have any scent or flavor. If I had the energy, it would be a product I'd happily add to my regular beauty regimen. $54 

Elicia generously threw in an ESSENTIALS Grapefruit Lip Shine with SPF 25 too. The lip shine is full of vitamins A, C E, avocado, shea butter, sunflower seed oil and feels heavenly. With a fresh, citrusy, grapefruit scent/flavor, it will be great for summer! 

It's always a treat to try new products and compare both the product and results to what I've been using. The R+F mini-facial was a quick, one time use, so I can only give my first impressions rather than let you know about lasting results.

And the verdict is that the products I tried were high quality and left my skin feeling fresher and looking brighter. But I probably won't be switching to R+F any time soon for a couple of reasons. First, I'm still focused on trying to replace some of my old cosmetics with safer, natural products, as I wrote about here. Second, while I don't mind spending money on products that work (and R+F does get rave reviews from regular users), the listed prices for these products give you a sense of the investment to make the switch. It's not a brand for a girl on a beauty budget.

To check out Rodan + Fields entire product line or for more information, visit Elicia's page

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  1. Hi Erin! Thank you so much for trying the products, I am so happy you liked them! Rodan and Fields does offer a great discount program. It's our Preferred Customer program that saves our customers 10% off their product + free shipping! The regimens are described as 60 day but most get 75-90+ out of them. And the changes in people's skin are remarkable. The best part of the company is helping people love their skin again!