16 May 2015

Saturday Six: Books, Babies, Food and More

Good morning! Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I've been sick with a cold, not sleeping well and utterly exhausted. But Saturday mornings can be some of my most productive times of the week, so here I am catching you up! One of my favorite bloggers, Emily A. Clark, does a Saturday 6 series, and in that spirit, I present to you...

(1) Carry On Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life- Despite being under the weather, I managed to get a bunch of things done this week (except blogging!) For months, I've wanted to share a book that inspires me. I finally got around to ordering several copies for girlfriends, and granted it was a little later than I hoped, I wrapped up and mailed a bunch of books this week. I could say so much about this book- it truly deserves its own post. Glennon Melton Doyle, the author, tells stories that tug at your heart strings and encourages readers to live and work with courage, boldness, and purpose.

With themes like "We Belong to Each Other," and "We Can Do Hard Things," it makes you want to go out and be a better person! As I said, Glennon is a storyteller. She's honest about her own life and struggles, and reminds us that imperfection can be exactly what we need at times. And she offers daily reminders that EVERYONE is going through something, things you cannot imagine, so be gentle and be kind.

(2) Baby D! Our 24 week appointment is on Monday. Full preggers update and nursery peek coming soon!

(3) Charlize Theron- Did anyone catch the pics of Charlize Theron in Cannes at the opening of her new movie, Mad Max? Wow! She was stunning in that canary yellow Dior dress! And the best part of it all-- the way Sean Penn looked at her adoringly.

(4) Rocco's on Main Date Night-The Sailor and I have made no fewer than four trips to a local furniture store trying to pick out a fabric for a glider that I fell in love with. I'm not that crazy pregnant lady, but we have picked out at least four different kinds of fabric that we've later found out are discontinued! It's the most comfortable chair ever, and I am determined to make it work. Anyway, after our last outing to the store, we were starving and tried a new bistro for dinner. I had the most delicious sole stuffed with crabmeat, served with sweet potato hash and pancetta. 

The new to us restaurant is an old general store that has been transformed into a hip, industrial bar/restaurant with a great menu. After living in our area for a few years, we've been forced to accept the fact that it's not the mecca of good eats. Most of our dining experiences are decent, but nothing lately in this area has impressed us like Rocco's. So, about those fabric patterns being discontinued-- This trip to the store turned out to have a silver lining!

(5) She Sheds- Yes please! These retreats are adorable! I've already designed a few tiny cottages in my mind. I NEED one!

(6) Special Olympics- I'm signing off to volunteer at the Special Olympics Regional Summer Games today. I've done work with the organization off and on since high school, and it's deeply rewarding to see athletes playing and practicing their skills for the pure love of the sports. I'm always amazed by the athletes' spirit of camaraderie, and their joy is just contagious. And the takeaway is that it helps me check my relentless competition within -- and re-evaluate the way I treat myself after a less than stellar run/tennis match/golf game/you-name-it.

Happy Weekend!

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