12 June 2015

Baby Love: 28 Weeks

Good morning and Happy Friday, Friends! I haven't done too many posts exclusively about Baby D or pregnancy, but I'm going to start doing more now that I'm in the third trimester. I love reading other bloggers' weekly pregnancy updates and can usually find something to relate to, but I've chosen to document the experience differently than most expectant moms.

I've been writing weekly Love Notes to Baby D where I include of all the usual stuff  like cravings, weight gain, symptoms, what I'm looking forward to and of course bump pictures. I hope that when Baby looks through it someday, she'll know how much we loved her from the very beginning and how eagerly we anticipate her arrival!

So a few things about pregnancy this week...

The Sailor and I started Child Birth Preparedness class. Can't they come up with a better name??? It's lamaze. We're also taking the more cleverly named "Crib Notes," which starts next week. In that class, we learn the basics like how to calm a fussy baby and how to install a car seat. As far as lamaze, as silly as it might sound, one of my biggest concerns is not knowing how to identify a contraction (or how to count and figure out when it's go-time). Learning that info has been key-- although everyone has assured me, "Oh, you'll know!"

We also also learned some laboring positions to ease discomfort, which include using an exercise birthing ball. I wasn't a huge fan of the idea at first, but I realized that leaning over the ball feels ah-mazing for my lower back. And in the not-so-helpful list, one of our homework assignments was for our partner to spontaneously give us a cue during the week where we would have to drop everything and practice one of the comfort positions and breathing techniques. Practice being in labor-- No thanks.

I FINALLY found maternity jeans! As I mentioned in a previous post, I've had the hardest time finding maternity jeans. Between trying them on in the stores and ordering online, I've tried at least twenty different brands and styles. My sweet sister-in-law gave me two pairs of Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans that have gotten me this far into pregnancy and that I will continue to wear. Both pairs are full belly panel and are from Pea in the Pod. Two thumbs up on those, but I wanted a pair of low belly, side panel jeans because I figured they'd be a little cooler for the bump during the summer. After searching and searching and searching, I  finally found the BEST pair of Citizens of Humanity Avedon Skinny Maternity Jeans from Shopbop. Pricey this late in the game, but I think I'll be living in them throughout the next two months.

I discovered Annie's Bunny Graham Crackers to add to the snack rotation. Admittedly, I don't love them half as much as Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish, which I couldn't get enough of last summer too. I do feel better that Annie's are a little healthier than the goldfish...especially given the quantity I consume.

I've been listening to Preggie Pals podcasts and downloaded the iHypnobirth app. The Preggie Pals podcasts have been accompanying my morning run/walks a few times a week for awhile now. A bunch of moms and experts discuss topics from fetal development to anxiety to choosing a healthcare provider. It's like listening to a girlfriends chat -- no know-it-alls and very little filler to kill time. Find episodes here

I'm all for trying anything that brings on peace and relaxation, especially when it comes to labor, so I downloaded the Mindifi Hypnobirth app. I like the idea of hypnobirthing-- Jessica Alba's a big advocate-- even though I am planning on saying YES to the epidural. The Mindifi app is a few dollars for the various tracks that include an intro to hynobirthing, self-hypnosis for the mother, a guide for the partner, sleep track and a post-birth track to help mom and baby connect. I've only listened to the sleep track so far, and both nights I fell asleep listening to it within ten minutes. Continuous sleep remains a challenge -- This momma to be has had enough of waking up five or six times a night, but that's not going to change anytime soon! 

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