25 June 2015

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been struggling find the motivation and time to blog. There's been lots going on 'round here. We have something to do after work nearly every night, and quite honestly, I've been feeling anxious and overwhelmed. I don't know if it's having to slow down and accept limitations in the third trimester or what. When I was growing up, my dad used to tell me after a particularly disappointing game or rough day at school "You win some, you lose some." Lately, I've been losing more than winning!

Speaking of dads, we celebrated not only Big T on Sunday (yep, little behind in my posting!) but also the Sailor. He got a new t-shirt...

And a book Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know. It might be a bit too heavy for the first "dad" book the Sailor is reading. I thought it was more about how to be a hero, to help Baby Girl develop a satisfying emotional life and values that will guide her. Buuuut it so far seems to be a scary reminder of the society that we live in and is a manual about how to help her avoid eating disorders, STDs, and toxic relationships. Yikes. So much for little babies, little problems-- straight to the tough stuff! No doubt it has important advice, but I probably should have picked out something better to help ease him into parenthood.

And Father's Day coincided with my birthday, so among lots of other fun gifts, I too got a book, Caring for Your Baby and Child: Ages 1-5. It fits in with the curriculum that we've been learning at our baby classes. 

The Sailor spoiled me with lots of gifts including some presents to bring to the hospital when Baby arrives and a couple of new scents from one of my favorites- Thymes. Can't wait to use the Sweetleaf nursery mist (lavender and chamomile) and Kimono Rose soap

It was a low-key weekend of cleaning, grocery shopping, running errands, the usual. But to celebrate my birthday, we went to dinner at Maestro's in Saratoga Springs. We had been looking forward to trying Maestro's since we had appetizers there during our Saratoga Staycation the Batchellor Mansion back in December. We scored a great table on the terrace overlooking Broadway, which was perfect for people watching. 

Not my champagne... 

Our expectations were pretty high for Maestro's, and the appetizer course lived up to our hopes. I had shrimp bruschetta, and the Sailor had the pork cheeks special. But the entrees fell flat. My veal marsala with spinach and polenta was just okay, and the Sailor's strip steak was was overcooked. 

It won't be tops on our list of places to go again any time soon. We'll instead stick with the place that quickly landed on our new favorites list, Rocco's on Main, which was just named a "hidden gem."

Crab stuffed sole with sweet potatoes and spinach

In other news, the contractor finally made it back to our house this week to work on some exterior improvements!!! They're supposed to start painting the siding today, and if the weather cooperates, it will be done on Saturday-- meaning I can FINALLY plant flowers on Sunday! I've missed being outside and gardening. As far as colors, we're switching it up from drab beige with dark brown trim and burnt sienna doors...


To Sherwin Williams Gray Birch body, Chesapeake trim and Expressive Plum doors. 


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