19 June 2015

Summer Salads

In the past couple of months, I've gotten away from my love for salads. But now that summer is here, and I'm craving something light and fresh, I've enjoyed a few really delicious combos recently. I'm always looking for inspiration to mix things up...

Greenhouse Chopped with mixed greens, chicken breast, green apple, blue cheese, sunflower seeds and mandarin oranges with an apple vinaigrette.

The Sailor and I had an impromptu date night last week at Bellini's, where I had a proodotto salad topped with grilled salmon. It was a delicious combo of mixed greens, tomato, red onion, sliced red peppers, pears, walnut halves, gorgonzola cheese and cranberries. We had baby classes two nights this week after work, so I duplicated it for an "at home" version and topped it with chicken for a meal-on-the-go.


Jen from Peanut Butter Runner always includes fresh and yummy looking salads in her weekly eats photos. Here's a unique combo of edamame, quinoa, chick peas and sunflower seeds

She also recently posted a recipe for a watermelon and feta salad with mint and almonds over arugula. So summery! I haven't had any watermelon yet, but I'm dying for some of the juicy sweetness! 

I've also seen recipes around for pesto chicken salad. We have an abundance of herbs growing in flower boxes, so making some basil pesto is in order for this weekend! 

Happy Friday, friends! 

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