12 June 2014

Three Things: Yoga, Travel and Summer Recipes

Last month, I posted about re-committing to doing more yoga and I was reminded of that when I read Cortney's More Yoga Please post. So here's the accountability part...I did seven yoga workouts last month. Not bad considering that time for yoga was competing with increased walking/running miles, playing some golf and doing yard work (Does that count as "fitness"?)

Buuuuttt it wasn't quite what I hoped. I'd really like to try to get in two yoga sessions per week. I'm a bit behind in the game since it's already June 11th, but that's my goal for the rest of the month. And while I loved the online resources I found, I still have a few classes left on my old pass at estudio hot yoga-- Nothing like sweating in a 100 degree plus room in June!


You might remember that I booked a trip to St. John last fall but I never ended up going. (I went to Nantucket instead-- can't complain!) Well, it  may be a year after the original plan fell through, but I am finally going at the end of June. So excited for a tropical getaway 

I want to spend all of my time on St. John HERE! 

Our meals tend to be lighter in the summer months and I couldn't be more excited about some of the recipes I've seen lately. Lots of fish, fruit and veggies please my palate! And our Field Goods local produce delivery has resumed-- fresh, not frozen! Here are a few recipes I'm eager to try...


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