17 June 2014

30 Summer Days: Week 2

Week 2 of the #30summerdays Photo a Day challenge down! Here's what's been happening...

8. Time to Relax- What does relaxing look like to you?
Hanging out on the boat in the sunshine. No better place to be!

9. Manic Monday- What's giving you a case of the Mondays?
Every day I look to see if there's any sign that my sad phalaenopsis orchid is coming back to life. Last year, I had great success nursing it back to health using this method, but no such luck so far this summer. 

The Sailor came home with this beauty for me as a replacement, but I'm still not giving up hope that the original orchid will come back.

10. Is the sun out? If not, what's it like out there?
Ugh. Welcome to Albany, which has approximately 60 sunny days per year. 111 partly sunny days. There are worse places than Albany though. 

11. Get over the hump. How were you productive today?

12. Treat yourself! It's almost the weekend. 
A walk in the rain to get my skinny caramel macchiato fix! Pretty soon it will be time for frappuccinos! 

13. Friday the 13th! Are you superstitious? Ducking for cover or out and about?
I used to love working out on Friday after work -- no crowds at the gym. But this past Friday's run was a STRUGGLE. Actually, my runs the past two weeks have been a struggle physically and mentally. I'm ready to get back in the groove. 

14. Flag Day. Got one flying in the breeze?
Of course we do! 

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