24 June 2014

30 Summer Days: Week 3

Epic fail on the Photo-a-Day challenge this week...Promise next week will be better. Despite no photography skills, I should have some pretty spectacular scenery from St. John next week to make up for what's lacking here! 

Week 3
15 – Happy Father’s Day! Snap a pic or share one of an awesome dad!

16 – Moday motivation. What motivates you?

Life lesson: Never take your health for granted. 

17 – Got a pet? Share them with the world!

Here she is! The sweetest little girl! 

18 – Stretch those legs mid-week and go outside or for a walk. Snap and share!

Walked the golf course on Wednesday. 

19 – #OOTD, what are you wearing? Got your summer clothes on?!

Standard work-wear on Thursday, but if I could have worn anything I wanted, it would look like this...

20 – Happy Friday! You made it! Smile and say cheese :)

21 – HAPPY SUMMER! Take a picture of what summer looks like to you to celebrate!

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