08 May 2014

Namaste: Practice Makes Imperfect

I'm celebrating an accomplishment -- Without realizing it, I ran more miles during the month of April than I have run since training last year. Although I had intentionally cut back (or so I thought) on running, I was thrilled to learn that it hadn't affected my level of fitness and that I still have the stamina for distances.

And with that being said, I still need to work on full-body strength training and doing more yoga. Like a lot more yoga. I discovered Bad Yogi almost six months ago and tried to commit myself to practicing at least once a week (pathetic, I know). I made it through January, February and March practicing once every other week. April was a total failure, but this is a new month.

Part of the problem with yoga is that the studio where I had a membership is now closed. Not a good excuse, I know. We have P90x yoga and a couple of other yoga DVDs I've accumulated throughout the years, but I haven't been really motivated by any of them.

The other part of the problem is that I am really inflexible. I've never been one to stretch, so I'm sore after all but most beginner level, gentle yoga workouts. And I don't like doing things I'm not good at. There I said it.

No more excuses though. I am re-committing to practicing more this month and have found so many free online videos and inspiring blogs. As part of yesterday's practice, I selected a hip-opening sequence...thanks to running, mine are pretty tight. A yogi, I am not -- there was NO way I was getting into some of these poses if my life depended on it. But the yoga instructor on the video was assuring when she acknowledged, "Binds are not for everyone." More importantly however I was reminded:

                                                               "I'll get there someday."

"Be patient with yourself."

In addition to the physical benefits, there's no understating the boost in spiritual wellness yoga offers. Here's a sampling of what other yogis have to say about the feel good stuff...

Five Unexpected Things Yoga Taught Me- I'm always surprised about what I get out of practice. It's true- yoga gives us what we need, which is usually something bigger and more powerful than we imagined.  

Finding Calm "Within each of us, there is a small piece of us that is not affected by all of the external stuff… That place is calm, unfazed, unwavering." I wish I could dwell in that place all of the time. Don't you agree?

Why I Embrace Being a Bad Yogi - Again, I'm reminded that perfection is not the goal. There are too few things in life where you can just show up, make the experience your own and accept whatever comes out of it. 

Two days of practice in a row down. Sore but not discouraged. Let's see how long I can keep my commitment going! 

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