24 May 2014

Recent best buys and a (short) wish list

Leopard Espadrilles
My love for espadrilles dates waaaay back past when I wrote this post, but it's still just as strong. Imagine my delight when I found the perfect combo-- Leopard espadrilles. I couldn't pass them up when I saw them on the Soludos site.

I'll rock the all white outfit  like below post-Memorial Day, post-tan...And I'll take a Coke Zero too. (Read about my health journey and Coke Zero recovery here.) Confession: I still enjoy it. Immensely. But I limit it to  once a week on Soda Saturday.

via Soludos

Thug Life T-Shirts
My casual summer uniform is a polo shirt and shorts, but I thought I'd mix things up a little this year with a couple of fun t-shirts. This line of t-shirts kept me laughing as I clicked through the funny sayings. I finally ended up selecting these two-- How could the Sailor possibly get upset with me for shopping if I'm wearing a cute wifey t-shirt??? Plus the shirts are made by a US company with a social conscience, so I felt even better about my purchase.

Still on the wishlist...
Anthropologie Carissima Sheath. SOLD OUT! In every size and color. That's all.

Oh, and while on the Anthro site, I happened to look for my bench. THE bench written about here, here and here. Also no longer available. Heartbreaking. (I think the Sailor will silently cheer when he reads that bit of news.)

Enjoy the long weekend! And remember to honor those who served!

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