15 September 2013

ACKommodations: The Chapman House

Greetings from Nantucket! When I made my travel plans, I knew that I wasn't going to stay at the White Elephant this time, so I did some research on the best B&Bs on the island. My first couple of choices were booked solid, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I finally stumbled upon and booked a room at the Chapman House, described as "retro chic with a hip flair."

Rachel Reider, the designer who gave the restored 1830s inn a facelift, mixed classic and contemporary styles with geometric patterns and rich textures. The final outcome is a bright, welcoming space with historical charm and trendy aesthetics.


Uber talented Reider is also the designer behind 76 Main in Nantucket and the Captain Fairfield Inn in Kennebunkport, which I just added to my wanderlust list. The Captain Fairfiled Inn looks more like a classic New England Inn. Reider used a more muted color palette and kept some traditional  than some of the other spaces in Reider's portfolio.

Captain Fairfield Inn via Pursuit of Style
LOVE that zebra rug on top of an oriental carpet- Brilliant! 

This is the room where I'm staying at the Chapman House...It overlooks a garden patio where I'd love hang out and read in the afternoon or enjoy cocktails in the evening.

Annnd here's a perfect blogging spot for me! I NEED a boho chic ikat chair for our house, and I know just the one I want to buy. Lucky day- I have a 15% off discount code from Ballard Design, so- decision made- If I don't spend our life savings shopping while I'm here, I'm ordering it when I return home.

Continental breakfast is served in a nook off of a larger dining room. Love the way this light works in this room! Still thinking about breakfast (my favorite meal of the day!)- apple, banana, orange juice, croissants and bagels, all kinds of melon and berries, flax and sunflower seeds, yogurt, granola and yummy fresh-baked lemon poppyseed muffins.

About that whole island/seaside vibe thing...Reider did the inn's location justice in a subtle way with sea-life artwork, turquoise/aqua pops of color, coral lamps and sea grass rugs. 

I'm off to rent a bike and burn off some of the calories I consumed during my feeding frenzy at breakfast. Stay tuned for more ACK updates! 

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