13 September 2013

I'm going bACK!

Happy Friday, Friends! The Sailor headed to Wisconsin for the Redskins- Packers game this morning, and I decided to treat myself to a long weekend in one of my favorite places. Tomorrow, I'm off to make the annual trip to Nantucket (Read about past adventures here: ACK: White Elephant, ACK: Loot, ACK: Gluttony).

The Sailor and I have tried to make it a tradition to go there together once a year to celebrate our anniversary, but I'll be a solo traveler this time. It will be a different experience than we've had in recent years but not-so-different than my way-back years. I first started going to Nantucket every summer when I was in college. After final exams, I'd go there for a few days to unwind and recharge, and I fell in love with the island. There were few (if any) luxuries, but it was a treasured time where I explored the bookstores and charming shops, rode my bike for miles, sat on the beach watching seals, soaked in some sun and sought out the best place 'on island' for chowdah.

Nantucket, Massachusetts, United States, North America: houses on Old North Wharf in Nantucket Town: charming, historic, and some of the priciest
Michael Galvin, Nantucket Chamber of Commerce

Nantucket was known as The Place of Peace by the native Wamponoag people, and it certainly holds a special place in my heart as my place of peace. August was a tough month in many ways, and this weekend is exactly what my soul needs.

"To many people, holidays are not a voyage of discovery but a ritual of reassurance."
- Philip Andrew Adams

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