09 June 2011

ACK: The Loot

In addition to the charming cottages and  seafaring history, Nantucket is known for its food and shopping. Never one to miss a chance to check out retail establishments and the local wares, I sought out sales with little success. While there are few bargains to be found, visiting Nantucket early in the season almost guarantees that the stores will be fully stocked with merchandise and you won't have to elbow your way through other tourists to browse.

Within the first hour that the Sailor and I had disembarked the ferry, I'd hit the In the Pink. Earlier this spring, the Lilly Pulitzer blog featured one of their latest prints, and I was on a mission to find it. Customers asked the company to bring back a vintage "Streaker" print, and in response, the design team created "Skinny Dipping," which hides bathers in the buff in a hot pink toile.


I thought the toile was a clever idea and something I could maaaybe pull off without shame.

Don't miss the adorable Smart Car in the background.
It's painted to look like a Nantucket lightship basket.

Courtesy of the White Elephant Facebook page

Then, we stopped at Murray's Toggery, home of Nantucket Reds, which their website explains are an adaptation of uniforms worn by the New York Yacht Club. The heavy-weight canvas shorts have become a summer staple and fade with wear to a pinkish red or salmon color.



My favorite store in Nantucket is located just a few shops down from Murray's. Vis a Vis has an eclectic mix of clothing, accessories and handbags. It's a place where you can get lost among the racks trying on clothing and admiring jewelry for hours.



 Runner-Up: Island Cashmere, where I missed my opportunity to buy a soft Italian leather handbag in orange. (The Sailor may be thinking that I don't need another handbag, but I don't have an orange handbag yet). Without an online presence, I guess I'll either have to dial them up and order it or go back to get one if I decide it's something I can't live without.
Instead, I got this orange Hermes-esque bling:

And this sparkly starfish to remind me of our time at the ocean:

Honorable Mentions:
  • Skirting Around "sassy skirts, classy coats, preppy pants and silky shirts."
  • The true preps can find monogrammed necklaces, personalized plates and coasters, sailcloth bags and Nantucket frames and photo albums at Blue Beetle.
  • Best of the Beach and Stephanie's both offer home decor items, like pillows, metalware serving bowls, tabletop and dining accessories.


The Sailor, who I'd argue has better taste than I do, is an excellent shopping buddy. He helps me pick out things. He's patient while I browse. And he happily obliges when I ask him to carry my bags.


Now here's the part that reminds me of cheesy souvinir store t-shirts saying, "My (relative) went to (tourist destination) and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." In all of those stores, the only thing that the sailor bought was this hat:
One item... But it's so perfect for him!

Upcoming ACK post: Gluttony exposed








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