29 June 2011


"Winning" is sooo overused, I know. But it still makes me laugh.

I hope to win one of these three not-to-be-missed giveaways courtesy of my sweet friends in the blogosphere...

Sheridan French
Sheridan French, Super-Mom and fashionista, is giving away a piece of clothing from her spring collection. Oh the decisions! Love, love, love her home- which looks like it's straight out of a magazine...

Coral quadrille. Hello beautiful! 

Her amazing, epinonymous clothing line is modeled here by moi:

And modeled here by Sheridan -- she's waaaaay more glam. That's right, it was a nursery you just saw in photos of Sheridan's home. She's a mom to TWO kids under two. Yep, I hope to look so chic and pulled together someday when I'm chasing around toddlers too!

Okay, enough gushing from me.  Find out for yourself how funny and fabulous Sheridan really is by following her blog, The Southern Eclectic. I. Am. Addicted.

While you're there, don't miss the opportunity to participate in her giveaway from the 2011 collection. The rules are super-easy. I'm crossing my fingers (and toes) that I win and can add the Georgina in Hot Lips to my wardrobe. You might remember I begged for it before.

Deadline: 6 pm, Texas time, July 3rd

Let the Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore
Follow the adventures of the always elegant EAS and her classic prep beau JCW at Let the Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore. How adorable are they??? 


Vote for them on Facebook's Lilly Lovers Photo Contest
Whether attending the races, sailing the seas or hitting the hottest restaurants in all the metro areas, EAS and JCW have an enviable social calendar -- and you too can live vicariously through EAS by reading her narratives and viewing her fun photos on her blog

EAS  always has THE best giveaways too! Past loot includes Loggerhead apparel, Wm. J. Mills bags and Marley Lilly sunhats. This time, however, EAS has outdone herself with a Smathers & Branson belt giveaway. Visit her website for your chance to win. Deadline:5 pm, EST, July 1st 

All of the men in my life (Big T, Father-in-Law and the Sailor) have received needlepoint belts as gifts in the past year. Not so creative of me to buy almost the same gift. But it was for different holidays, and they got different patterns. That counts for something. Anyhow, I guess it's now my turn to get one-- Does the Jolly Roger come in a pink belt, please? I think the pink skull and crossbones would look darling with green shorts!

I also stumbled upon this design on another needlepoint belt site. Not Smathers & Branson, but I couldn't resist including it. Gin labels?! Does that say Bombay Sapphire? I'm sold!   

Laura Treavey, a talented artist, blogger, and fellow fan of Modern Family, shares her gorgeous paintings, shopping finds, home ideas and more on Bright, Bold and Beautiful. This week, Laura's giving away  a Mykanos pearl and crystal necklace from Bamboo Pink

Deadline: 8 am, July 4th

I'd wear it with something a l'il nautical, like this (minus the blue Essie polish):

somewhere beyond the sea

So, click your way on over for your chance to win these great giveaways!

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  1. How did I miss this before? You are too kind...I will have to show JCW this sweet post! xx