10 March 2013

Spring Ahead! Weekend Recap

Quick recap of this weekend -- A friend and I went to the Farmer's Market in Troy on Saturday.

Along with the usual Farmer's Market produce haul, I picked up a jar of Saratoga Peanut Butter. Featured in "O"  and Rachel Ray’s Magazine, as well as in Business Week and The Wall Street Journal, I knew it had to be good!

I had a difficult time deciding what sounded the best with so many choices...Monkey Boy (raisins and banana), Blizzard Butter (peanut butter and white chocolate), Trifecta (chocolate, almonds and cherries), and Chillin' Chocolate (dark chocolate). I finally settled on Adirondack Jack: "A beautiful combination of our delicious Almond Butter, blended with our famous Plain Jane Peanut Butter, deep and luscious red cranberries, some omega rich flax seeds, a few heart healthy sunflower seeds for crunch, a drizzle of pure clover honey and finished off with a hint of cinnamon." 

Adirondack Jack

99.9% of the time I say ""no" whenever anyone asks if I've seen one of the latest flicks. But I've been dying to see Argo, so we watched it on Saturday night. Definitely thrilling and deserving of three Academy Awards!  

The Sailor and I finished out the weekend by taking advantage of the beautiful, warm weather and went for a run in Saratoga Spa State Park, home of the famous mineral springs, Saratoga Performing Arts Center and the Gideon Putnam Hotel


You can buy Saratoga bottled water all over the world, but visitors to Saratoga can bring their own jugs and fill up right from one of the 17 springs located there. Each one has different mineral content, and some of the springs are said to help with skin ailments, assist in digestion and strengthen the blood. 

 Saratoga Springs

In addition to the fresh air and new scenery, the best part of running in the park was seeing so many people with their families and dogs. Within minutes of starting our run, we saw three Goldendoodles-- Must be the Dog of the Day!  

Starting the countdown to St. Patty's! It's only a week away! 

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