05 June 2016

Scent-sational Sunday

Last week was a whirlwind! After spending a relaxing holiday weekend at the lake, we had a jam packed week that included Sweet P's nine month check-up, a funeral and unexpected visit with my bestie who lives in St. John, a "sick" day feom daycare for Sweet P and a lengthy meeting with our new financial adviser. When I'm feeling in need of a little pick me up like I was this week, I turn to aromatherapy to bring harmony and balance back into my life.

Scent aids in healing and restoring energy for the body, mind and spirit. Here are some of my favorite scents and their benefits.

Lavender- aids in sleep
Cinnamon-sharpens the minds
Pine- relieves stress
Fresh-cut grass- makes you joyful
Citrus- boosts energy
Vanilla- elevates happiness and relaxation
Peppermint- increases concentration

Combine scent and beautiful packaging, and you have a little luxury to soothe your soul. A couple of years ago in Maine, I stumbled upon a small batch perfumery brand that has become my go-to for restoration. Library of Flowers, created by the founder of Lillia, Tokyomilk, Love & Toast, Apotheke, offers perfume, handcream, bubble bath, soap, and candles in scents like Wildflower & Fern (energizing ginger and lemongrass); Honeycomb (honey, fig and royal bee blossom);  and Arboretum (cardamom, ylang ylang and amber resin).


With colorful handdrawn artwork and romantic lettering, the packaging is as pretty as the contents are blissful. The hand soap and cream make great hostess gifts and can be found online or at boutique retailers. 

The Sailor and Pippa got me bubble bath as part of my Mother's Day gift, and I am still trying to find time to soak in the tub. A hot bath with a glass of wine and a stack of magazines to read sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday night. Bring it on! 

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