28 June 2016


It's been a fun month seeing Sweet P's personality develop! She waves to everyone and everything-- ceiling fans and birds too-- and she her repertoire also now includes high fives accompanied with a belly laugh. Her once toothless grin now reveals two little white chicklets on the bottom, which help her chew her favorite foods of bananas and sweet potatoes. She also tried watermelon for the first time this month in a mesh feeder and loved the slurpy sticky goodness. Pippa weighed 17 lbs 10 oz at her last doctor's appointment on June 17. She's petite but strong, energetic and so full of joy!

No updates on walking yet. Pip has become more stable and brave when hanging on to furniture to stand, and she is starting to chase Lola as her crawling becomes speedier and more coordinated by the day. In the rare moments when she's not in motion, Pippa will sit in her high chair and watch Dad cook or relax in the stroller on walks with Mom. She plays independently and enjoys entertaining herself by playing with handmade blocks courtesy of Dad and her shape sorter bucket.

Pippa continues to be a great traveling companion! She made a day trip to Rhinebeck to meet up with some friends and visited Cape Cod with Mom and Dad. She is an angel in the car, passing the time by sleeping and babbling. Pippa stayed busy at the beach playing with sand toys-- safely under the sun shade and out of the sand. Much to Mom and Dad's surprise, she hated having sandy feet or hands and wouldn't even consider crawling on the beach. 

She did however love having her toes dipped in the ocean, being held and splashing in the water. Mom and Dad also took P to the National Seashore, Provincetown and Nantucket while on the Cape.  

Mom and Dad are looking forward to getting P in the water more at the lake in the coming months. She has a new life vest for swimming and boating, and Mom and Dad can't wait to share more summer activities and adventures with little Pip! 

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