29 June 2016

Cape Cod with the Kiddo

We're back from a perfect vacation week filled with seafood, sunshine and lots of snuggles with Sweet P! The Sailor and I rented an adorable Cape cottage on VRBO. There were lots of options on the Cape, but I selected this place in Wellfleet for its beautiful gardens and outdoor space and the location about a half-mile from the beach.

The beach decor was so clean and fresh, and it was well provisioned-- the owners of the cottage thought of everything that renters would need to enjoy their stay.

I especially loved the outdoor shower and tried to convince the Sailor that it would be super easy to build one at our home here. While it is true that a quick Google search showed that you can build one in less than an hour, I don't think that we could replicate the refreshing feeling of rinsing off the sand and saltwater under the open sky here in upstate.

The galley kitchen was a little snug, but it worked for our needs. Since Sweet P goes to bed around 7:00, we stayed in for dinner most nights. The Sailor really outdid himself in the kitchen and cooked nightly seafood smorgasbords that I am convinced was far better than any restaurant could offer.

We hit Mac's Fish Market and the Friendly Fisherman for clams, oysters, lob-stah and tuna (twice). (Mac's was definitely the better of the two places.) We also went to Mac's Shack , the "cloth napkin" place in Wellfleet, twice during the week. We tried several apps and entrees-- clam chowder, tuna poke, clams casino, clams vongole and the pan seared halibut with lobster mashed potatoes-- and everything far exceeded our expectations. Next time, I'm going for the lobster beignets! I doubt their online shopping and shipping option for those who live tragically far from the best oysterbeds and lobster traps would work well with beignets...

Thanks to the Sailor, we spent my birthday on Nantucket! It was a bit challenging logistically, but he made sure that we were all packed, ready-to-go and on the ferry in time to celebrate the day on the "Far Away Island".

And he kindly let me browse in the boutiques while he managed stroller duty and occupying the babe.

In true tourist fashion, I came home with a new t-shirt and hat...And I justified a frivolous expenditure at The Lovely because well, it was my birthday after all. Totally frivolous and wildly impractical because a 100% silk maxi dress just isn't a great choice for a number of reasons when you have an infant!

We also spent a day in Provincetown strolling the streets and driving along the National Seashore. The drive along the shore with its rolling dunes and beachgrass is some of the prettiest landscape I've seen on the East Coast. 

And of course we spent most of our time on the Cape at the beach! Sweet P had a blast playing in the sun shade with her toys but surprisingly was pretty hesitant to venture into the sand. In fact, she hated having her toes in the sand and only very reluctantly would pick up small handfuls when encouraged.

Not so thrilled to be sitting in the sand! 

She did love "swimming" in the ocean though! 

My cover up is old Nanette Lepore. This pattern is no longer available, but check out other designs here. It's rayon and stays cool even on the hottest of days, plus it has huge pockets for stowing a phone, sunscreen and all the other junk moms carry!

What's in store for your summer vacation?

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