01 July 2016

Four Things Friday: Food, Fun, Flowers & Fashion

Hey there! I am on a roll here with two posts in a week. This was supposed to be a Three Things Thursday post, but here we are on Fri-YAY! A Friday before the holiday weekend and the beginning of the Sailor's Birthday Week celebration.

So here's what's captured my attention lately...

Half Baked Harvest's Avocado Caprese Pasta with Grilled Broccoli Rabe
Yesssss, I am still obsessed with this blog! Mouthwatering goodness every single day! Tieghan Gerard, the woman behind the recipes is just in her early twenties but she has a long history of recipe successes that she shares in a voice that's like sitting down to chat with a friend.

Avocado caprese pasta with grilled broccoli rabe

Just look at this delish dish! It's the perfect combo of creamy, crunchy, salty and satisfying ingredients. I love that it combines both raw tomatoes and avocado with grilled broccoli.

Dad's Daycare Wardrobe Fail
Have you seen this on social media? So funny I had tears rolling down my cheeks! As a mom with a husband who's very involved and super helpful with all things baby, I feel very lucky. The Sailor in fact has a pretty good eye for fashion and does a GREAT job getting P ready for daycare in the morning. There are certainly some days though when I gripe about her top and pants not matching or her barefoot feet (in February). That's nothing compared to some of the comments about attire that other dads have selected for their littles though!

White Flower Farm
This site has so much information for the aspiring gardener! It can be a little overwhelming to someone like me who's just trying to make a quick, last minute decision about what to plant...especially since it's so late in the summer to try to get anything to grow. But there are some really useful tools that make it so much easier to plan and design your garden including  pre-planned perennial solutions, how-to videos and care instructions.

As I mentioned before, we recently had a stamped concrete patio  put in to replace an aged Trex deck. I've barely had any time to spend outside on the patio, and frankly, I am quite uninspired to spend any time out there because the landscape is so blah at best. We have one big old oak tree with a beautifully landscaped shade bed that we added two years ago, but that's all the good stuff going on in the yard.

Last year, I didn't plant any flowers because I was pretty pregnant with Sweet P. And this year, I haven't done anything to the flowerbeds surrounding the patio or wrap-around porch other than cutting back the bushes and mulching. It's time for that to change though! White Flower Farms is offering 15% off today on The Works daffodil collection of 30 varieties that bloom at different times, so I'm ordering one of those for a VERY bare spot in the yard. I also have my eye on the bold foundation garden for shade as well as a few of the separate shade perennials. We have the trifecta-- shad, sand and acidic soil...Any advice for growing flowers and plants is welcome!

Tiare Hawaii
Loving these boho summer cover ups! Bring on the sunshine!

Happy 4th!

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