29 July 2016

SWEET P at ELEVEN MONTHS: Monthly Updates

When Sweet P was born, I started a Shutterfly share site to post photos and provide updates to friends and family. But it wasn't long before I realized that Shutterfly's limited functionality wasn't the best option to capture these memories, and I wanted to switch to a better platform. Well, I STILL haven't found a better way to share the monthly recaps and photos ...and we're rapidly approaching Sweet P's first birthday! So with a little work, I converted the monthly updates to blog posts. 

Without further ado...

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As Pippa hits the eleven month mark, we eagerly await her being able to stand without holding on-- any day now! She's become a speedy crawler, scooting and exploring everywhere. Her curiosity has made baby proofing and constant watch essential as she investigates how things work and puts every object that's not a toy in her mouth... Flip flops and library books are especially tasty. 

Peek a boo continues to be Pippa's favorite game, and she loves playing with blocks. She loves when Momomomomom or Daaaa build towers, and she knocks them down. Pip is amused by Mom being silly, wearing her little hair bows and putting on her sun hats. She also enjoys 'dancing' or swaying along to music.

Pippa hasn't changed much physically this month. She still has two teeth and weighs 17 lbs 13 oz, just a few ounces more than last month. She eats well and hasn't rejected many foods. She especially enjoys mint ice cream, peanut butter and pickles. Her "conversation" and comprehension seem to grow by the day, and she has mastered shaking her head no when she doesn't want something and "uh oh" when an object falls on the floor. 


Pip struggled with a bit of separation anxiety around 10 1/2 months, which seems to have eased now. The teachers at Kidz Lodge distracted her by blowing bubbles and introducing new toys as distractions at drop off. Mom and Dad left Pippa with a sitter (other than Grammie and Pop Pop or Meme and Pepere) for the first time this month. Mom was a little tearful leaving the housel, but Pippa just waved bye-bye as they headed out the door. 


Highlights of the month included a family birthday celebration for Daaaa, visiting great grandmother and Poppy, hiking in Indian Lake and swimming in Lake George. August will bring more fun at the lake and a big first birthday celebration for Pip!

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