27 December 2015


Every day is a new adventure with Pippa! She's babbling, grabbing at fingers and toys, and is in constant motion. She has super long legs and kicks like crazy in her Momaroo and Bumbo seat- Mom thinks she's going to be a soccer star. Daddy wants her to play golf…

Pippa is definitely developing a strong personality. She expressed her displeasure at the formal Christmas photoshoot in the studio, and despite our best efforts, we still couldn't get  a single photo of Pippa smiling. We gave it a second try at home and fared just a little better getting Pippa to show us her gummy grin. Christmas cards went out a little late this year, but rest assured, you'll find a card from the DeSantis family in your mailbox soon! 

When the paparazzi isn't harassing Pippa, she's a smiley baby, who loves to chat, squeal and play. She is very coordinated now and grabs onto rattles, fabric blocks and soft toys on hanging mobiles. Pippa still loves her activity gym and has developed enough strength to sit and play in her rainforest jumparoo. We're excited to see her play with the light-up, musical toys that filled Santa's sack and read to her from some new additions to her library including Giada de Laurentis' cookbooks for kids and beautifully illustrated books we picked up while on vacation in Maine. 

Pippa's next visit to the pediatrician is in less than a week, and we can't wait to find out how much our little P has grown. We are guessing that she weighs about 13-14 lbs now! Her growth has been amazing over the past month— She's already fitting into her six months sized clothes! 

Highlights: A visit from the Moon family, getting our first Christmas tree as a family and rolling over on Dec. 15

Likes: Daniel Tiger, Christmas Tree Lights, Mirrors, Vulli Teething Rings, soft blocks

Favorite activities: Watching cartoons with Daddy and taking walks in the stroller with Mommy

Least favorite activities: Baths and tummy time

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