03 March 2017

Handbag Heaven

Hey, ladies! Before adopting my whole simplifying/minimizing philosophy, I was a handbag lover like many of you. I may not have had as many bags as some women, but I had enough to match every outfit for every occasion. Well, times have changed, and I've become more practical and just don't have the time, space or money for that anymore. But it doesn't mean I love bags any less. So I have a round-up today of my faves in different styles, colors and materials.

My go-to bag used to be this one from Island Cashmere in Nantucket, and I still am drawn to the rich caramel color and design with a divided bucket with a side-pocket. I haven't been able to find it anywhere online.  But I would LOVE to since mine is starting to show some real wear and tear after all these years. Replacing the bag is reason enough to plan a trip bACK to the faraway island this year!

Since P was born, it's no surprise I've been carrying more "stuff," and I don't want to lug around the diaper bag all the time. I've found that this super practical tote from Nordstrom has been the perfect solution. It fits my wallet, sunglasses, make up case, hand sanitizer,  boogie wipes, snacks, bottles, toys-- ALL the junk. And I've simply rinsed it out when any liquid has spilled inside. The one drawback is that there are no pockets, so I am constantly digging around to find anything. There's a small zip pouch, which helps organize things, but it's still tough to grab something I need quickly.

The gray/ivory color combo is now on sale for $32! It's a steal that you won't regret!

Oh man! I could fit so much junk in this one! Shopbop is having their Buy More, Save More event going on now. Sales=Weakness. 

From the Rebecca Minkoff website Share How You Wear section c/o @respecttheshoes 
LOOOOOOVE the whole look for spring! Worth checking out her instagram for outfit inspo.

Here's another tote style from Annabel Ingall that's pretty similar to the Nordstrom tote but more pricey. Also included in the ShopBop sale! I do love the subtle gold details, and that pebbled leather looks so soft. The colors on ShopBop are limited, but you can find it in a variety of pretty pastels that are perfect for spring. Think pale pink and baby blue.

Enough with the practical carryalls! If you're in the market for a cute clutch -- and let's be real, who's not???-- check out Grateful Inspired's Harper. Whether leather, leopard, snakeskin or cork, it's a bag for all seasons. Simply switch out the interchangeable monogram plate, and it's a new look.  

Gigi's All in One bag is very similar but with fewer options options and stamped initials. I have the neutral putty color that can be dressed up or down for the summer-- although I must say, it is very, very hard to keep clean. There's also a plum color Gigi All in One taking up space in my closet for the fall/winter. 

Here's another bargain from Nordstrom! The BP foldover clutch looks like a Claire V but at a much more reasonable price. The reviews are solid with everyone writing that it's good quality.

It comes in several basic colors, and Nordstrom seems to add a few seasonal hues to the selection too. I'll be keeping an eye on this one for a fun, guilt free way to treat myself to something pretty. But I still dream of splurging on the Claire V leopard clutch that I'd use maybe once a year. 

Oh, and the canvas navy jaguar too- ohlala!

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